Supersteam Amazing Race 12, December, 2015

Had a great exercise on Saturday morning!
It was a company event where we ran and played games in Sentosa!


Ah, such beautiful beach, clear water and fresh air.
Sunny weather did not stop us from having fun.
But first, we had to register ourselves. I was in team 4, the purple team.


Our goodie bag along the race~~With poncho, light snack and map.


Our first game.
All team members had to step inside the mat.
We then moved the mat together along certain distance.
My team was the winner. Basically, we jumped together as a team :P

1212201513109 1212201513114

Unfortunately, my team could not finish the game in time.
Another team was the winning team.
Basically, we failed in almost all the games :P


But anyway, this is the consolation prize… lunch box!
It was fun to burn calories.
Hopefully my stamina improves after this race ^_^

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