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CG Sermon 3, December, 2015

2 Corinthians 3:18
in the realm of the spirit, we always move onward.
The inward man looks to the coming of Lord Jesus.
We need to grow and progress in God. We should not miss our kairos moment.

If we run after God, God will reveal what He wants us to do individually.
Whenever we want to do something new, there will be difficulties:

1. Past bondages
Maybe we had failure this year. However, we must let it go. We need to reflect so we do not carry it over to the new era.
We place our failure at the feet of Jesus so we can move on.

2. Present hesitation.
River Jordan was flooded. It was inconvenient for the Israelites to cross.
Many times God tells us to move on even when it is inconvenient.
Lord Jesus told Peter to walk on water during the storm too.
Ecclesiastes 11:4

3. Future fear
When the Israelites arrived at Kadesh Barnea, they were fearful of the giants.
We have to address our future. God loves us and perfect love casts out fear.
Are we short of resources? Finance? Help? Look at Gideon. Even when he didn’t have enough people, he still moved on obeying God.
God can give word to break through our situation.

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