Spiritual Hearing. Spiritual Vision

“Ears to hear and eyes to see–both are gifts from the Lord.”
Proverbs 20:12, NLT

Natural eyes and ears are truly gifts from the LORD.
However, there is something else more important that natural eyes and ears: spiritual eyes and ears, to see and hear from the LORD.

What is the benefit of seeing and hearing from the LORD?
Imagine this scenario: while I am doing work, all of sudden He told me the following,

”Jefri, last week you lied to that person. It is time to make things right.”
”Jefri, don’t do business with that person. He is not honest.” 
“Jefri, contact the person. He wants to do business with you.”
”Jefri, don’t give up. I am your provider during this financial crisis.”
”Jefri, invite that friend to church service. He is ready to receive Me.”

It will be great to receive such a direct guidance from the LORD from time to time, won’t it?

How can we obtain such seeing and hearing?
As written in the verse, they are gifts from the LORD, implying we need to ask God to give both gifts to us.
This is why spending time in prayer and Bible reading is important.
By spending time with God, we are sensitizing our spirit toward Him.
While God does speak through His written word, I believe He longs to speak to us personally too.

Suppose we are sure we have heard from God and done according to His commandment.
All of sudden, the situation around us gets worse.
What should we do?

It is important to understand that following God’s specific commandment does not guarantee a happy journey.
In Judges 20, there was a civil war between 11 tribes of Israel against the tribe of Benjamin.
At first, God allowed them to make war with Benjamin. Guess what? They lost.
The second time, God told them to make war. Guess what? They lost again.
The third time, God told them to make war and guaranteed their victory. In the end, the 11 tribes almost annihilated the tribe of Benjamin.

Look at the first two occasions.
Why did the LORD tell them to make war even though He did not guarantee their victory?
Some said God used the defeat to humble them.
I do not know the answer myself. I can only accept the story as it is.

What if we hear wrongly from God?
I think that’s fine. We should not feel so discouraged that we stop trying.
Hearing wrongly from God is akin to making wrong decision.
God can still redirect us to the right path even after we take the wrong path.
With more practice and experience, we can eventually discern which voice is really from God.

Let’s draw near to God that we can always see and hear from Him, shall we?

Posted December 30, 2015 by Jefri Yue Fei 吴岳飞 in Thought, Verse of the Day

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