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Dinner After Church Service 19, December, 2015


It was a fantastic Christmas drama production. You can watch it in the video above.
A virtual reality eye wear. Well, though the creator of EYE-1 claims it is like Avatar, I would rather liken it to Sword Art Online.
Glad too that my outreach friends could attend the church service with me ^_^

Suntec gave away cakes after the service!!!


Then, we had dinner~~~


We had it at Hotpot culture. Nice food at reasonable price.
Stay tuned for news on Candlelight Service, ok?

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CG Potluck Gathering 18, December, 2015

Had a wonderful CG gathering last Friday. We had potluck event!
Basically, each of us brought certain food and we shared them.
Curious to know what we enjoyed?


It was a superb feast!


And a pudding as our dessert too!


Alright, our main event: gift exchange!
Who was the secret santa and who was the recipient?


Btw, I was there to finish food, so I did not give any present. Hehehe.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 12, Dec, 2015

Hebrew 6:12
When there is bad situation, we need to have faith and patience.
Patience holds faith together and lifts it up.
If we just have patience, we have no substance of faith.
Patience: the ability to remain constant and consistent, no matter what the circumstance is.
Constant: no stopping. Consistent: no changing.

Hebrew 13:8
Lord Jesus stays the same. He is very patient.
Patience is vital to deal with the enemy of faith: doubt.
Doubt: uncertain, to waver between 2 opinions.

James 1:6-8
if we doubt, we are like wave.
Why can’t we receive that breakthrough? Faith requires us to be single minded.
We cannot exercise faith if we are double minded.

Matt 21:21, mark 11:23
Have faith and no doubt.

1 John 5:14:15
Do we know what God’s will is?
We gotta know the word of God, the rhema, for any situation in life.

1 Tim 2:8
When we pray, we pray with forgiveness and no doubt.

Second enemy of faith: unbelief.
Faith says "God can and God will". Doubt says "maybe God can, maybe God will". Unbelief says "God can’t, God won’t."
The moment we feel doubt, we should quickly go to the word of God so we can have guidance.

Mark 9:24 Matt 13:54-58
Unbelief is sin. It is rejection of the promise of God.

Third enemy of faith: hardened heart.

Mark 16:24
Hardened heart is stubborn rejection of God.
Mark 3:5 Heb 3:7, 12
Hardened heart: anger with God.

The way we think affects the way we feel.

2 Cor 10:4-5
Everytime there is thought which is contrary to the word of God, we capture it then we replace it with the word of God.
We shall fight thought with words.
When we say the word, the thought stops. Lord Jesus fought the temptation by speaking the word.

Matt 14:25-30
Peter focused on wave, he began to sink.
He had short burst of faith and he did walk on water for a short distance.
His faith didn’t last. We need to have both faith and patience.

Phil 1:28
Do not for a moment doubt that God has great purpose for us.
Short burst of faith is not enough.

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CG Sermon 3, December, 2015

2 Corinthians 3:18
in the realm of the spirit, we always move onward.
The inward man looks to the coming of Lord Jesus.
We need to grow and progress in God. We should not miss our kairos moment.

If we run after God, God will reveal what He wants us to do individually.
Whenever we want to do something new, there will be difficulties:

1. Past bondages
Maybe we had failure this year. However, we must let it go. We need to reflect so we do not carry it over to the new era.
We place our failure at the feet of Jesus so we can move on.

2. Present hesitation.
River Jordan was flooded. It was inconvenient for the Israelites to cross.
Many times God tells us to move on even when it is inconvenient.
Lord Jesus told Peter to walk on water during the storm too.
Ecclesiastes 11:4

3. Future fear
When the Israelites arrived at Kadesh Barnea, they were fearful of the giants.
We have to address our future. God loves us and perfect love casts out fear.
Are we short of resources? Finance? Help? Look at Gideon. Even when he didn’t have enough people, he still moved on obeying God.
God can give word to break through our situation.

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Zone Thanksgiving 13, December, 2015

A big celebration in zone level last Sunday. We had it in Suntec Hall 605.
It was a time of appreciation.
The leaders expressed their gratitude to the members who had helped them so much throughout the year.


As usual, we started first with great banquet!
It was my second lunch and dinner! I ate a lot again! Hehe.


Our biq zone members mingling with smiles! :D

image image image image

One by one, the leaders gave their speech to honor their members for their sacrifice and faithfulness.

Well, a kinda reminder for me too.
I gotta thank and appreciate people around me daily ^_^

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ICG6 Christmas Party 12, December, 2015

Had a great Christmas party with ICG6 at Roland Restaurant.
Too bad I could not take many photos as my phone battery was running out.
Nevertheless, I had plenty laughter. We really goofed around much that night!


Some of the meals we enjoyed.
That fish was superb!
It was that crispy. I munched it to the bone! :P


Our 2 MCs for the night.
One of them became Mariah Keeeerrrrreeee.
Hehe, guess which one?


Such a great party.
Can’t wait to join them next month~~~

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Supersteam Amazing Race 12, December, 2015

Had a great exercise on Saturday morning!
It was a company event where we ran and played games in Sentosa!


Ah, such beautiful beach, clear water and fresh air.
Sunny weather did not stop us from having fun.
But first, we had to register ourselves. I was in team 4, the purple team.


Our goodie bag along the race~~With poncho, light snack and map.


Our first game.
All team members had to step inside the mat.
We then moved the mat together along certain distance.
My team was the winner. Basically, we jumped together as a team :P

1212201513109 1212201513114

Unfortunately, my team could not finish the game in time.
Another team was the winning team.
Basically, we failed in almost all the games :P


But anyway, this is the consolation prize… lunch box!
It was fun to burn calories.
Hopefully my stamina improves after this race ^_^

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