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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 23, Jan, 2016

matt 16:1-4
The Pharisees wanted to test Lord Jesus. They wanted to seek a sign.
Isa 7:11
God is willing to give sign. However, the Pharisees asked sign to test Lord Jesus. Lord Jesus refused to fall into His trap.
In Christian walk, signs and wonders follow us, not we follow signs and wonders.
In good times, it is easy to notice signs. However, in bad times, we desperately need signs from God so we know we are in the right path.
We live by faith, not by signs.
We should not depend on signs all the time. Doing so will make us naturally minded.

After all, God’s power is not determined by manifestation or feeling.
Just because we don’t see manifestation, it does not mean God’s power is not at work.

We don’t live by feeling too.
Feeling is important in many areas, but it is irrelevant in matters of faith.

We first believe God.
Our trust will then develops the feeling toward God.
As we have feel-God factor, we will eventually develop feel-good factor.

Peter answered Lord Jesus, "You are the Christ."
This statement is the revelation. We need to live by revelation from God.

We need build our lives based on Jesus.
Like any good teacher, Lord Jesus brought Peter, James, John in a field trip.

Matt 17:1-5
Peter saw a sign of transfiguration. He wanted to build altar for Elijah and Moses.
He wanted to base his faith on these altars. However, God wanted him to listen to Jesus.

We should not live by "preaching". We should not live from sermon to sermon.
If we do, we will be disappointed when the sermon contradicts the reality of life. Instead, we should focus on Jesus.

We should not just focus on prophecy. Prophecy can be seemingly delayed in God’s timing.
Heb 11:13
Even the heroes of faith did not get to enjoy the promise from God.

Pro 16:9
we can plan but God will ultimately direct our path. We just need to trust God.

What is trust? Two crosses in the beginning and the end. Rus: r u sure.
There are doubts we experience along the way.
When we feel unsure, we need to place our doubt in Jesus. He is the beginning and the end of our lives.

Matt 17:6-8
They only saw Jesus. They focused only to Him.
To focus on Him, we need to grow in His word.

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Examining the Heart

“People may be right in their own eyes, but the LORD examines the heart.”
– Proverb 21:2 –

Happened in the era of the judges.
The Israelites did what was right in their own eyes.
No king and no law.

Even now, we see people who are right in their own eyes.
They seem to justify their action when it is contrary to God’s word.
They are quick to point out others’ mistake while justifying themselves for committing the same mistake.
Ever heard this joke before?
”You cheated on me because you were asshole. I cheated on you because I was confused.”

The LORD examines the heart.
And hence, shouldn’t we examine our hearts too before we do certain action?
Maybe we should ask ourselves: does it contradict God’s word? What is my motive? Is God pleased with this? Does it break the law of the land?

In the end of our lives, God will demand us to give an account of our action
We must be prepared to answer Him.
Better still, if we are not sure whether certain action is fine, then we should just avoid it.
Why complicate our answer to Him, after all?

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A conversation between a sister and a brother.

“In a relationship, the couple must admire each other.
That way they will encourage each other to pursue his/her dream.”

Totally agree with this sister’s statement.
In fact, admiration will help the couple respect each other too.

Well, let’s look around if I can find a girl I can admire then ^_^

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CG Birthday Celebration 22, January, 2016


Celebrated birthday last Friday!!
A yummy chocolate cakes for the birthday girls.
An earnest prayer for them to receive all their wishes this year too~~~
Happy birthday, Grace and Santy~

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Dinner after service 23, January, 2016

Our dinner after church service last Saturday!!!
We had it at Papparich suntec~~~
It was my first time being there too. Didn’t know it was a Malay food restaurant ^_^


We had a feast.
Guess game again! Which meal did I order?

We also talked about a looooot of things.
What outing to have, what testimony we shared, where to travel too.
Well, hopefully we are really going to have an outing~~~


Our awesome people!!!!
Am looking forward to another dinner with them again~~~

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Cg sermon 15 Jan 2016 Secret Things of God

Deuteronomy 29:29
Amos 3:7
God wants to reveal His secret to all of us.
God decides certain event in human history.
Before the event takes place, there must be a group of prayer who prays for the event.
God tells His decision to the prophets so His people can do something about it.

John 15:15
Lord Jesus calls us friends. He reveals things to us.
Gifts of the Spirit are gifts. We can desire them.
Ministry gifts. Some are called to be prophets. However, we can hear from God.
Abraham was a wealthy head of the clan. Yet, he heard voice of the Lord though he was not prophet.
God was about to destroy Sodom.
Yet, He revealed His plan to Abraham as He wanted Abraham to do something about it. Abraham prayed.

Daniel 9
Daniel was a government official. He was definitely a busy man. Yet, he fasted 21 days despite his busyness.
From day he fasted, Gabriel was on the way to meet him.
However, the prince of Persia withstood Gabriel. Michael then helped Gabriel.
Daniel’s prayer changed the history course. His prayer made Cyrus allowed the Jews to return from exile.
We live in the end times. We should focus on bigger things.

Isa 45:19
Let’s make decision to have that kind of relationship with God.
When we pray, we visualize God in front of us. Then, we communicate with Him.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 16, January, 2016 Meditation The Key to Blessing

1 Chr 4:9-10
Jabez means pain. We do not know why he was named Jabez.
Maybe it was a difficult pregnancy, maybe he was born with certain handicap.
He was called trouble. Yet, he prayed that God would bless him.
It is ok to pray for blessing as without it, we can not bless others.
Maybe he prayed for greater influence or more land. God then granted his request.
Like Jabez, we need to keep requesting blessing

1 Pet 3:10-12
God wants us to love life and see good days.
To love life, we need to control our tongue. We must never allow our tongue to mention negative things.
We will always be hurt by our own negative sayings.
God listens to our prayers. In fact, we will be accountable for every word we say.
How to be a blessed person?

Jer 17:5-6, 7-8
Cursed: empowered to fail. Even when good happens, the cursed person cannot see it.
Blessed: empowered to succeed. Even in recession, the blessed person lives as if no drought.
Psalm 1:1-3
Meditating on the Bible. It is not a chore for a blessed person. It does not matter how hot, he/she shall prosper.
Worry is failure to trust God.

1 Pet 5:7-8
We cast our burden to God as we meditate on God’s word.
Meditate: imagine and mutter.
We call into mind God’s promise and we see ourselves enjoying God’s promise.
We also mutter God’s word as we meditate on it.
Psalm 55:22
We cast our burden upon God.

Phil 4:19.
Let’s meditate on God’s provision.
Meditation is regurgitation system of a Christian.
Revelation does not come from casual reading of the word of God. We need to keep squeezing nutrients of the word of God.
The Bible is the written word, Lord Jesus is the living word.
If we love Lord Jesus, we must keep His word. For example, if we meditate ‘Ask and it will be given you,’ it is as if we hear from Him ourselves.
As we meditate, the darkness in our lives will be dispelled.

Mark 11:22-23
we believe we will receive what we ask.
Eventually, our muttering becomes our declaration.
Genesis 24:63-64.
God is indeed sovereign. However, we need to exercise our faith.
As Isaac meditated on the word of God, his provision (of a life partner) drew closer.
Let us not live by the report of the world, we live by the report of the Lord.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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Tuition Ministry Gathering 17, January, 2016

Had a gathering with tuition ministry member last Sunday.
We had dinner at 49 seats, a Western restaurant at Bugis+
It was my first time visiting the restaurant. Pretty nice ambience at level 7.



Nice pasta and chicken chop.
Well, guess which one is mine?

We talked about the new role in the ministry.
But first, we need to find it out the number of students.
Well, hopefully it will be smooth and we can really be a blessing to them~~~


Our energetic people, ready to always ensure the students get A ^_^

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Dinner after service 16, January, 2016

Dinner with the cell group last Saturday after church service ~~~
We went to Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice at Marina Square.
It was my first time there.
Luckily we managed to get into the venue rather quickly.



Well, the food looks fantastic.
However, I really had to count my calories.
Maybe next time when I have lunch, I will visit this place.

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Isabel Jonathan Wedding 10, January, 2016

Attended a wedding celebration last Sunday.
Isabel and Jonathan. It was held in Suntec church hall.
Hmm, pretty good experience as in the future I plan to hold my wedding there too ^_^


Nice photos! That lego decoration is unique too~~
Hmm, I wonder what I shall put on the receptionist table of my wedding too?


Here came the kids~ Well, the couple are really good with kids, after all.
So, they young ones participated in the march in.


The bride came into the hall with her Dad~~~


Pastor Kenneth led the matrimony~~


And, they are officially married!!! ^___^


Dinner reception for the guests and family members.
Yummy food!


Our beautiful people.
Congratulations, Isabel and Jonathan!
May you have a blissful marriage!!!

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