Meet up 1, January, 2016

Well, after morning breakfast with family, I had a chance to catch up with old friends too.
We had lunch at Orchard.



Yummy Japanese food! Luckily we could request for less oil in our meal.


They passed me some nice food too. Yay!

Shared some apologetics with them, especially with what religion one should believe in.

What is the purpose of sharing apologetics with them?
Imagine an unbeliever A.
A has yet to meet the LORD. As he is now, there is a road between him and God.
Unfortunately, the road is filled with huge boulders.
Apologetics is a way to remove all these boulders.
However, whether A wants to walk along that road to meet God is entirely up to A.

Thanks, Creation Ministries International, for giving me materials to be a beginner apologist.
You can visit their website here:


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