Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 2, Jan, 2016 Cain and Abel

Genesis 4:1-8
Cain and Abel were the children after the fall.
Previously, God promised to Eve that out of her womb would come a seed who would crush the devil.
Eve initially thought Cain would be the one to crush the devil. Cain means a man from the Lord. After all, Adam failed to protect her.
Eve also thought Abel was the extra and unnecessary. The name Abel means worthless.

2 Cor 8:12
Gift is acceptable according to one has.

Genesis 4 did not say why God rejected his offering.
The main point is: what is the response when God does not act according to our prayer? Cain was angry.

In this life, there is hardly fairness. We are limited as we live in an imperfect world.
Someone else we deem unworthy receives much blessing whereas we who work hard do not receive blessing

Sin lies at the door. Cain still was the master: he had the choice whether to open or close the door.
We must rule over sin .

1 Cor 10:13
We will be able to bear temptation.

Abel grew up enduring shame as he was deemed worthless.
Heb 11:4
If anything, Abel had every right to be angry toward God and his parents for all unfairness he experienced.
Nevertheless, Abel kept offering his best to God. He is forever remembered as the hero of faith.

Proverb 4:23
If we can learn to guard our heart, there will be springs of life.

When anger and bitterness come to us, we should rule over it by His grace.

Apostle Paul was the unluckiest man alive. Yet, he rejoiced.

How do we deal with the past? Thanksgiving. The key to future? Faith.

Cain was supposed to be the leader of the household. Yet, he lost his destiny due to his anger.
Genesis 4:14
Cain was a fugitive

Genesis 4:25
seth was the replacement Abel. The divine destiny was placed upon Seth, not Cain due to his bad attitude.

Genesis 4:26
Enosh: wickedness, sorrowful, miserable.
At his time, men began to call on the name of the Lord.
Enosh: every time we are miserable, we can turn unto the Lord.


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