Pastor Kong’s Sermon 16, January, 2016 Meditation The Key to Blessing

1 Chr 4:9-10
Jabez means pain. We do not know why he was named Jabez.
Maybe it was a difficult pregnancy, maybe he was born with certain handicap.
He was called trouble. Yet, he prayed that God would bless him.
It is ok to pray for blessing as without it, we can not bless others.
Maybe he prayed for greater influence or more land. God then granted his request.
Like Jabez, we need to keep requesting blessing

1 Pet 3:10-12
God wants us to love life and see good days.
To love life, we need to control our tongue. We must never allow our tongue to mention negative things.
We will always be hurt by our own negative sayings.
God listens to our prayers. In fact, we will be accountable for every word we say.
How to be a blessed person?

Jer 17:5-6, 7-8
Cursed: empowered to fail. Even when good happens, the cursed person cannot see it.
Blessed: empowered to succeed. Even in recession, the blessed person lives as if no drought.
Psalm 1:1-3
Meditating on the Bible. It is not a chore for a blessed person. It does not matter how hot, he/she shall prosper.
Worry is failure to trust God.

1 Pet 5:7-8
We cast our burden to God as we meditate on God’s word.
Meditate: imagine and mutter.
We call into mind God’s promise and we see ourselves enjoying God’s promise.
We also mutter God’s word as we meditate on it.
Psalm 55:22
We cast our burden upon God.

Phil 4:19.
Let’s meditate on God’s provision.
Meditation is regurgitation system of a Christian.
Revelation does not come from casual reading of the word of God. We need to keep squeezing nutrients of the word of God.
The Bible is the written word, Lord Jesus is the living word.
If we love Lord Jesus, we must keep His word. For example, if we meditate ‘Ask and it will be given you,’ it is as if we hear from Him ourselves.
As we meditate, the darkness in our lives will be dispelled.

Mark 11:22-23
we believe we will receive what we ask.
Eventually, our muttering becomes our declaration.
Genesis 24:63-64.
God is indeed sovereign. However, we need to exercise our faith.
As Isaac meditated on the word of God, his provision (of a life partner) drew closer.
Let us not live by the report of the world, we live by the report of the Lord.

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