Pastor Aries’ Sermon 23, Jan, 2016

matt 16:1-4
The Pharisees wanted to test Lord Jesus. They wanted to seek a sign.
Isa 7:11
God is willing to give sign. However, the Pharisees asked sign to test Lord Jesus. Lord Jesus refused to fall into His trap.
In Christian walk, signs and wonders follow us, not we follow signs and wonders.
In good times, it is easy to notice signs. However, in bad times, we desperately need signs from God so we know we are in the right path.
We live by faith, not by signs.
We should not depend on signs all the time. Doing so will make us naturally minded.

After all, God’s power is not determined by manifestation or feeling.
Just because we don’t see manifestation, it does not mean God’s power is not at work.

We don’t live by feeling too.
Feeling is important in many areas, but it is irrelevant in matters of faith.

We first believe God.
Our trust will then develops the feeling toward God.
As we have feel-God factor, we will eventually develop feel-good factor.

Peter answered Lord Jesus, "You are the Christ."
This statement is the revelation. We need to live by revelation from God.

We need build our lives based on Jesus.
Like any good teacher, Lord Jesus brought Peter, James, John in a field trip.

Matt 17:1-5
Peter saw a sign of transfiguration. He wanted to build altar for Elijah and Moses.
He wanted to base his faith on these altars. However, God wanted him to listen to Jesus.

We should not live by "preaching". We should not live from sermon to sermon.
If we do, we will be disappointed when the sermon contradicts the reality of life. Instead, we should focus on Jesus.

We should not just focus on prophecy. Prophecy can be seemingly delayed in God’s timing.
Heb 11:13
Even the heroes of faith did not get to enjoy the promise from God.

Pro 16:9
we can plan but God will ultimately direct our path. We just need to trust God.

What is trust? Two crosses in the beginning and the end. Rus: r u sure.
There are doubts we experience along the way.
When we feel unsure, we need to place our doubt in Jesus. He is the beginning and the end of our lives.

Matt 17:6-8
They only saw Jesus. They focused only to Him.
To focus on Him, we need to grow in His word.


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