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Cg Sermon 26, February, 2016 The Treasure of God

The love of Christ is the reason He died for us.
How much is our worth? We are worth Christ Himself.
Heb 2:1-11
The word spoken through angels: the Law.
Moses channelled the message to the Israelites and there was no direct access to God.
Great salvation: direct access to God. How do we appreciate this access to God?

God does not subject the next world to the angels.
He subjects it to the humans.
In the next world, God will hold us accountable on how we manage our talents.
Many times we envy angels. However, angels are just ministering spirits.

Why does God create humans?
God wants to have relationship and fellowship with humans.
Currently we no longer have dominion over the earth as Adam failed and sinned.
Eventually when Lord Jesus comes back, He will recapture that dominion.

During his earthly life, He was a little lower than the angels.
After His resurrection, He received all the glory.
In the future, we will have the same body as Lord Jesus has.

Ephesians 2:6
We are seated with Christ.
Things Christ could do, we can do too.
If we are ignorant, we are short-changing ourselves.
There are many things we can do even without the help from a pastor.

We were oppressed but now we are His brothers and sisters.

Why did Christ have to come?
Because we are flesh and blood. He became flesh and blood to save us.
He also came to destroy the devil as humans are afraid of death.
In the heart of heart, humans realize there is life after death.

Since we have direct access to God, we need to hear from God.
Message from CG leader and pastor should serve as confirmation.
We then need to spend time with God every day.

Since He has paid every one in full, we need to share the Gospel with those who do not know the Lord yet.

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Apologetic of the Day: God’s Existence

How do you know God exists?

Life itself is the evidence that God exists.
Two theories on the origin of life.
First, according to atheists, life arose by itself from some chemical soup.
Second, according to Christians, God directly created life.
Despite decades of research, no atheistic scientists have been to show experimentally that life could arise by itself.
In fact, it is one of their biggest frustrations, if you google it.
Setting aside technical details, the first theory actually violates chemistry, as pointed out by many Christian scientists.
Since even the smallest and simplest cell is too complex to arise by itself, belief in the first theory is the blind faith whereas belief in the Creator God is the logical faith.

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Akshita’s Birthday Celebration 23, February, 2016

Attended a birthday celebration of a friend’s daughter.
The venue was at Flames of India, near NUS.
My first time there. Was a bit lost in the beginning. Eventually I managed to reach the place too.


First, we decorated the place.
Well, last minute decoration. Not bad, huh?


Then, the dinner started.
Somehow my friends could arrange their menu nicely on the plate.
Me? My plate was a mess.


My friend and his family.


Nice gathering with them ~~~

Happy birthday, Akshita! Grow up pretty and healthy, ok?

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Alvin Candice Wedding 21, February, 2016

Attended a beautiful wedding dinner last Sunday. It was held at Novotel Clarke Quay.


Came early to these sweet treats ~~


Nice decoration too. I heard they were done by the bridemaids.
Man, I wonder if I can be more creative than they are~~~
And so, the dinner started.


We first welcomed the couple into the hall.


One of the guests beside me really likes shark fin soup.
He even announced it to his friends via whatsapp.


Second march in for the couple ~~


Then, a toast for the couple.


Well, the guests around my table could not eat much.
Guess who ended up finishing the food?

Congratulations, Alvin and Candice!
Have a fantastic married life!  ^_^

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Dinner after service 20, February, 2016

Had a great dinner time with wonderful group of friends last Saturday.
We enjoyed Thai food at Raffles City ~~


Well, didn’t know Thai food could be that spicy.
Forced myself to really finish my meal while enduring the spiciness.
A friend shared about how he had met his wife. Such an encouraging story on how God writes his love story.
Well, I believe God is writing my love story too ~~


We celebrated a couple’s birthday too!!!
Happy birthday, Handra and Theresia!


Round 2. We went to Starbucks and continued chatting.
The snack I had brought from Indonesia really went well with the tea. Glad they liked it.


Our wonderful group.
Can’t wait to see them again soon~~

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Apologetics of the Day: Resurrection

According to science, dead people do not raise.
How do you know Jesus really rose from the dead?

We know it from history and logic.
Historically, the disciples were the eyewitnesses of His resurrection.
They were willing to be butchered, slaughtered and died agonizing death to proclaim it.
Logically, if they had fabricated such story of resurrection, would they really have been willing to suffer for a lie?
Surely, no sane people will do that.
Hence, Jesus’ resurrection is a real event in history.

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Surabaya Trip 4-16, February, 2016

Had a great time with family and friends in Surabaya, Indonesia during Chinese New Year holiday.
First, an interesting sight at Changi.


A monkey theme decoration at Changi.
Somehow, the airport keeps changing the theme to keep the atmosphere fresh. Really creative of them!


First round: Pizza Hut.
Well, I had to remind my relatives not to eat too much pizza due to the calorie count~~


3D puzzle pieces gift from a friend. It took me maaaaannnyyyy hours to complete it. Phew!
Thanks, Lauren!


Round two: Chinese New Year dinner. Yummy cooking by my aunt. That meat ball was really superb!


Third round: Japanese food treat by a friend. Thanks, Teddy!


Fourth and final round: fish and chicken meal. My aunt treat~~~

Well, my Surabaya was more like a gourmet trip, I guess?
Anyway, now that I am back in Singapore, it is time to catch up with work~~~

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Ps. Robert Antonis’ Sermon 14, February, 2016

Talent: whatever God entrusts to us.

Matt 25:14-30
The moment we accept Lord Jesus, God entrusts His blessing to us.
It maybe money, good looks, muscle. God entrusts it to us according to our individual capability.
If God entrusts more than our capability, we will become arrogant.
We should not envy others who receive more talents than us.
It is more important on how we manage the talents we already receive.

How do we increase our capability?
From 5 talents to 10 talents. That’s 100% increase. From 2 talents to 4 talents. That’s 100% increase.
The servant with 1 talent did not know the master well.

Hosea 4:6
First capability to develop: to know Lord Jesus. We need to know His character.
When we know Him,  we maybe slightly panic when there is problem.
However, we are sure of His power in the midst of crisis.
To know Him also means we need to know what He wants from us.
How do we know Him? We  need to read the Bible.
It is the book about God and what He wants us to do.

Col 2:3
Second capability: divine wisdom and knowledge.
We need to gain knowledge as  we must not lose to non-Christians.

Third capability: divine integrity.
Col 3:23-24
Whatever we do, we do it unto the Lord.

Fourth capability: our character.
We should not lose our character of Jesus whether we are poor or wealthy.

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Praising God and Resting in His Love

A thought inspired by the sermon by a Pastor in Surabaya.

Jacob had 2 wives: Leah and Rachel.
He loved Rachel but not Leah.
Can we imagine Leah’s cries as she was not loved?
Initially she hoped to win his affection through giving birth to sons.
Indeed, the LORD Himself opened her womb (Genesis 29:31).

First, she gave birth to Reuben which means “The LORD has noticed my misery, and now my husband will love me.”

Well, for patriarch, who was not happy to have a son? 
Yet, despite all his happiness, Jacob could not bring himself to love the mother, Leah.

Second, she gave birth to another son, Simeon, which means “The LORD heard that I was unloved and has given me another son.”
You bet, Jacob was overjoyed. Still, he could not love her.

Third, she gave birth to  Levi which means, “Surely this time mu husband will feel affection for me, since I have given him three sons.”
And did Jacob give any affection to Leah? Still not at all.
Imagine Leah’s feeling. Her hope still did not come to pass year by year. Can you hear her cries?

Fourth, she gave birth to Judah which means, “Now I will praise the LORD!”
She realized something. True, she could not win Jacob’s love.
In the midst of her shattered dream, she chose to praise the LORD.
She must have realized that even if she did not receive any love from him, she could rest in God’s love.

What about us? When our world comes crashing down, what do we do?
Can we follow Leah’s example by choosing to praise the LORD?
Can we follow Habakkuk’s example of rejoicing in the LORD?
Can we rest in His love even if the people around us do not love us?

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Book review XXX: The Five Love Needs of Men and Women


Man! I reaalllyyy like reading books by the Rossbergs.
I have learned many things about relationship especially on how to nurture a great marriage.
Indeed, marriage is about meeting spouse’s love needs.

Why is it important to do so? Meeting spouse’s love needs is  a matter of keeping vows.
It is what God calls you to do and it will result in a great marriage.
Neglecting spouse’s love needs will cost marriage.
Many Christian marriages end up in divorce due to not meeting those needs.

Five love needs of a husband are: 
1. Uunconditional love and acceptance, 
2. Sexual intimacy, 
3. Companionship, 
4. Encouragement and affirmation, 
5. Spiritual intimacy.

Five love needs of a wife are: 
1. Unconditional love and acceptance, 
2. Emotional intimacy and communication, 
3. Spiritual intimacy, 
4. Encouragement and affirmation, 
5. Companionship.

1. The need of unconditional love and acceptance for a husband
A husband wants to drop his mask and still be loved by his wife in riches or poverty, in health or sickness.
It is easy to love in good times. But, a husband needs unconditional love especially in tough time.
All unconditional love starts with God who loves us unconditionally by sending Jesus Christ for us.
Unconditional love means putting spouse’s needs above personal needs.
A husband needs to know that his wife loves him and shows grace to him even when he disappoints her.
As much as possible, wife should affirm her husband.
A husband has to learn to listen to his wife’s feeling while a wife has to learn to listen to her husband’s idea.
Unconditional love occurs in the environment of communication. Hence, husband and wife must take time to connect to each other.
In addition, a wife should not stop studying her husband’s mood and personality.

1. The need of unconditional love and acceptance for a wife
A husband should love his wife at her greatest pain, vulnerability and pressure.
At the times when a wife feels the need to please many audience, her husband has to remind her that she is to please the audience of One.
Many times, a wife feels insecure as she compares herself with other women.
To solve this insecurity, her husband is to love her and remind her that she is a blessing a him to him.
In addition, he should compliment her looks, character and spiritual growth.
A husband has to model God’s unconditional love to her wife by encouraging her and standing with her. 
At times, a woman verbally processes her thought by talking. Hence, her husband should respect her opinion, talk with her and listen.
A woman may become cranky and easily irritable during her time of the month. Her husband then has to be tender with her.
As Lord Jesus serves the church, a husband is to serve his wife too.

2. The need of sexual intimacy for a husband
God wires husband and wife differently. A husband needs sexual intimacy whereas his wife longs for emotional intimacy.
While a husband may have been drained hard all day long, he can quickly shift gear and get the sexual urge just by one touch, one word or one eye-contact.
It is all related to the chemistry of the male brain. Man can be sexually stimulated even without external stimulus.
In fact, man can think about sex all day long.
Man thinks in boxes and all those boxes are isolated from one another.
Male sex box is ready to open at a moment’s notice while other boxes are closed.
For woman, all boxes are open at the same time.
Hence, open and honest communication is important before a woman can open up to sexual intimacy.
Much of man’s masculinity is rooted in his sexuality.
When a wife withdraws from her husband sexually, he will feel emotionally shutdown or even do something immoral.
In fact, he may withdraw emotional intimacy from his wife too.
No sex, no talk. No talk, no sex. It is a vicious cycle.
A husband feels loved when his wife responds to him sexually.
Unless both partners agree, sexual infrequency (once a week or less) should be a major concern in marriage.
How should a wife meet her husband’s need of sexual intimacy?
– She should talk to God about this issue.
– She can start with her own heart: what is blocking her from enjoying sex in marriage? Is there hurt or unresolved conflict between husband and wife? Is there past sexual experience?
– She should learn what satisfies her husband.
– She should commit herself to meet his sexual needs too.

2. The need of emotional intimacy for wife: Talk
A wife will only be sexually aroused after her husband connects to her heart.
Sexual intimacy without emotional intimacy will make a wife feel like machine.
A husband should give the best treatment to his wife, not only to his customers.
A woman needs to talk as it is a way to process her thought. Hence, a husband has to spend time connecting with her through talking too.
If this emotional intimacy is not met, a wife may withdraw emotionally from her, may not respond to her sexually, and may look elsewhere to get her needs met.
A wife is eager to know the smallest detail of her husband’s life: what he has for dinner, what he thinks during work.
She loves talking for hours and hours with her husband.
As both their souls undress toward each other, their bodies will follow.
How can a husband meet his wife’s emotional need?
– He should listen to her, giving her undivided attention, not trying to fix her.
– He should show her an understanding heart.
– He should build rapport with her by giving her as many details as she wants.
– He should resolve conflict without any physical or verbal abuse.
– He should safeguard his marriage by avoiding extramarital temptation.

3. The need of friendship for a husband 
A husband needs to share his happy and sad moment with his best friend: his wife.
This need of companionship started in the garden of Eden when God said, "It is not good for a man to be alone."
True friendship requires honesty, trust, vulnerability and encouragement.
A husband needs his wife to have realistic expectation from him. After all, a husband is not designed to be his wife’s girlfriend, only her best friend.
A husband needs his wife to speak the truth, correcting him, in love.
A husband needs his wife to be honest and vice versa. Without honesty, there won’t be any trust.
A husband needs his wife to enter into his world. It does not necessarily mean the wife should take up her husband’s passion. By stepping into his world, a wife encourages her husband to step into her world too.

3. The need of spiritual intimacy for a wife
A strong marriage is the marriage of three: God, man and woman.
A wife needs to grow spiritually and to express her spiritual gifts.
She needs to be in fellowship with other Christians, especially his husband.
A wife needs her husband to be in charge of of the spiritual growth of the family.
As he strengthens his relationship with God, he will strengthen her relationship with God and him.
He should pray with and for his wife, should read the Bible and share about God to the children.
A husband is to be neither a controlling leader or a passive leader. He is to be a servant leader for his wife.
This role is a biblical responsibility for every Christian husband.

4. The need of encouragement for a husband
A husband thrills on victory and he needs cheer from his strongest cheerleader: his wife.
He needs to hear encouragement from God and his wife.
Encouragement is a wife tuning away from distraction such as bills, jobs, housework and kids and tuning to her husband.
Encouragement is she listening actively to him and reminding him she would marry him all over again.
A wife should encourage her husband to grow spiritually, to be accountable and to connect with his children.

4. The need of encouragement for a wife
A woman needs encouragement as much as a man needs. The form of encouragement can be different, though.
As much as a husband needs his wife to be his best cheer leader, a wife needs her husband to he her greatest cheer leader too.
Many times a wife wants to share her thought and feeling freely to her husband without requesting a solution. This is her way to build emotional ties. A husband can encourage her by simply listening to her and empathize with her.
A husband should prioritize his wife over his work, not matter how busy he is.
A husband should point out his wife’s potential no matter how much criticism she receives.
As often as possible, a husband should praise her wife for who she is both publicly and privately.
If necessary, a husband can learn how to encourage his wife by copying what her friends do to encourage her.
Just like during the dating days, a husband has to keep impressing his wife by saying all the positive things about her.

5. The need of spiritual connection for a husband
Becoming a servant leader is a tough job for a husband as he has to reject cultural teaching on masculinity.
The culture teaches toughness whereas the Bible requires humility from a man.
Hence, a husband needs help from his wife in order to be a servant leader.
A wife should not push her husband into fulfilling this role by shaming him.
In order to be a servant leader, a husband has to have personal time in the Word of God, prayer, fellowship and worship both alone and together with his wife.
This spiritual connection is important especially during the time of family crisis.

5. The need of friendship for a wife
A wife longs for a heart to heart communication, special time and growing old with her husband.
Friendship means to laugh together, to stay on the course together, to work through differences between men and women.
It also means you are careful with what you say, you tell truth but not at the other’s expenses and you bring out the best in other’s life.
She needs her husband to be her best friend who sees her bad, good, beautiful and ugly and he still loves her.
She needs her husband as a safe place to be herself.
She needs her husband’s integrity.
She needs her husband to honor her.
A husband should apologize to the wife when he is wrong and should step into her world.
A great friendship will greatly comfort the couple especially in difficult times.

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