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Ps. Robert Antonis’ Sermon 14, February, 2016

Talent: whatever God entrusts to us.

Matt 25:14-30
The moment we accept Lord Jesus, God entrusts His blessing to us.
It maybe money, good looks, muscle. God entrusts it to us according to our individual capability.
If God entrusts more than our capability, we will become arrogant.
We should not envy others who receive more talents than us.
It is more important on how we manage the talents we already receive.

How do we increase our capability?
From 5 talents to 10 talents. That’s 100% increase. From 2 talents to 4 talents. That’s 100% increase.
The servant with 1 talent did not know the master well.

Hosea 4:6
First capability to develop: to know Lord Jesus. We need to know His character.
When we know Him,  we maybe slightly panic when there is problem.
However, we are sure of His power in the midst of crisis.
To know Him also means we need to know what He wants from us.
How do we know Him? We  need to read the Bible.
It is the book about God and what He wants us to do.

Col 2:3
Second capability: divine wisdom and knowledge.
We need to gain knowledge as  we must not lose to non-Christians.

Third capability: divine integrity.
Col 3:23-24
Whatever we do, we do it unto the Lord.

Fourth capability: our character.
We should not lose our character of Jesus whether we are poor or wealthy.

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