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Surabaya Trip 4-16, February, 2016

Had a great time with family and friends in Surabaya, Indonesia during Chinese New Year holiday.
First, an interesting sight at Changi.


A monkey theme decoration at Changi.
Somehow, the airport keeps changing the theme to keep the atmosphere fresh. Really creative of them!


First round: Pizza Hut.
Well, I had to remind my relatives not to eat too much pizza due to the calorie count~~


3D puzzle pieces gift from a friend. It took me maaaaannnyyyy hours to complete it. Phew!
Thanks, Lauren!


Round two: Chinese New Year dinner. Yummy cooking by my aunt. That meat ball was really superb!


Third round: Japanese food treat by a friend. Thanks, Teddy!


Fourth and final round: fish and chicken meal. My aunt treat~~~

Well, my Surabaya was more like a gourmet trip, I guess?
Anyway, now that I am back in Singapore, it is time to catch up with work~~~

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