Cg Sermon 26, February, 2016 The Treasure of God

The love of Christ is the reason He died for us.
How much is our worth? We are worth Christ Himself.
Heb 2:1-11
The word spoken through angels: the Law.
Moses channelled the message to the Israelites and there was no direct access to God.
Great salvation: direct access to God. How do we appreciate this access to God?

God does not subject the next world to the angels.
He subjects it to the humans.
In the next world, God will hold us accountable on how we manage our talents.
Many times we envy angels. However, angels are just ministering spirits.

Why does God create humans?
God wants to have relationship and fellowship with humans.
Currently we no longer have dominion over the earth as Adam failed and sinned.
Eventually when Lord Jesus comes back, He will recapture that dominion.

During his earthly life, He was a little lower than the angels.
After His resurrection, He received all the glory.
In the future, we will have the same body as Lord Jesus has.

Ephesians 2:6
We are seated with Christ.
Things Christ could do, we can do too.
If we are ignorant, we are short-changing ourselves.
There are many things we can do even without the help from a pastor.

We were oppressed but now we are His brothers and sisters.

Why did Christ have to come?
Because we are flesh and blood. He became flesh and blood to save us.
He also came to destroy the devil as humans are afraid of death.
In the heart of heart, humans realize there is life after death.

Since we have direct access to God, we need to hear from God.
Message from CG leader and pastor should serve as confirmation.
We then need to spend time with God every day.

Since He has paid every one in full, we need to share the Gospel with those who do not know the Lord yet.

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