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Dinner 27, March, 2016




Had a great dinner with a cg member last Sunday.
We talked about life and learned a lot from each other. Well, isn’t that what a cg is supposed to be?
”The LORD has a blessing for every single one of us,” he said.
In turn, I shared with him some interesting facts about the Bible.
We watched movie too: Batman vs Superman.
An interesting quote from Lex Luthor: “If God is all powerful, He cannot be good. If He is good, He cannot be all powerful.”
A classic atheistic argument. Shall write the rebuttal to this statement in time to come.

I am looking forward to fellowship session with him again ~~~~

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Dinner After Service 25, March, 2016

*** Thanks, Grace, for the fellowship photo ***

A heart warming dinner after Easter church service!!
Tasty pork rib shop around Chinatown ~~


Yummy!! Guess which one was my meal? Well, definitely not that stack of chilli ~~~
We then had dessert at the nearby shop too.


Wah ~~  Can you imagine the superb taste? ~~~


Our big and lovely group!!!

Hmm, where shall we have dinner this coming Saturday? ~~~~

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CHC Easter Service 25-27, March, 2016 The Messiah I Know

Fantastic Easter drama production last weekend!
As usual, the dramatists are very professional. I bet they rehearsed their roles multiple times.
If you did not manage to watch the drama live, you can watch it here ~~


Dinner After Service 19, March, 2016

Another round of fellowship with the fantastic group of people.
Well, first I had to meet another friend to discuss some business stuff ^_^
We had Korean food at the nearby food court


Oops, forgot to take photo of his meal ~~~
After discussing with him on how to make money, I went to meet my awesome group mates!
They had chat at the nearby Starbucks.
Well, another round of serious discussion on the housing here.
A lot of thing to think about future, indeed.

IMG-20160319-WA0001 IMG-20160319-WA0002

See how good looking we all are?
Do look forward to the next news on our fellowship, ok? ^____^

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Apologetics of the Day: Easter and Paganism


Easter is plagiarized from paganism. In fact, Easter is derived from Ishtar, an Assyrian goddess.


This is a misconception. Easter has nothing to do with paganism at all.
Certainly there are myths and legends of resurrected gods in pagan culture
However, nobody claims to be an eyewitness of these resurrected gods.
In contrast, the apostles claimed to be eyewitnesses of resurrection of Lord Jesus.
They put their lives and limbs on the line to back up this claim.
Clearly, resurrection of Lord Jesus is a historical fact, not a myth.

As for the name Easter,  it came from German word oster which came from old German word auferstehen which means rising from the dead.
When Martin Luther translated the Bible into German, he used the word osterlamm which was then translated as Passover Lamb
1 Cor 15:7. Lord Jesus is called the Passover Lamb/osterlaam
To claim Easter came from the name goddess Ishtar is to claim Lord Jesus as Ishtar lamb, which is really an absurd claim.

Source: (retrieved 25, March, 2016)

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CG Refreshment 18, March, 2016


A great CG meeting last week!
We had a loooong session of prayer, praise and worship, especially for the coming Easter.
After the CG meeting we had…. chocolate refreshment!!!
That chocolate is from Las Vegas whereas the biscuit in sachet is from Japan.
Yummy source of energy for me to run down the staircase afterward ~~

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Pastor Kong’s and Pastor Sun’s Sermon 19, March, 2016 Relationship Builders (2): Friendship

The principle of love is universal. People are looking for love everywhere.
Marriage, however, is the most complex relationship.

1 Thessalonians 2:8
Loving someone means caring. If we care, we will be aware.
1 Cor 7:33
If one is married, one must care with how to please the spouse.

In marriage, it is impossible not to quarrel or argue.
Most couples do mess up during conflict, even Christian couples.
For some couples, profanity and vulgarity even come out.

What is the secret weapon for happy marriage?
Repair attempt.
It is statement or action that prevents negativity from escalating out of control.
We definitely do not want to regret what we say during the quarrel.
We can say something like this, “Stop yelling”, “Let’s take a break from this.”

Whether repair is successful or not, it has nothing to do with how eloquent the couple is.
It has everything to do with friendship state between husband and wife.
When there is strong friendship, couple will know what to do and to say.

Happily married couple have positive thoughts overwhelming negative thoughts of one another.
A husband and wife can have different temperaments.
Nevertheless, if they have great friendship, they will be happy.
Sometimes, there should be an exchange of habit too to enhance the friendship.

Every normal couple fights and quarrels because we are not robots. We have our individual opinion.

Proverb 27:17
God uses friendship to sharpen us. There will be friction and spark which are good for us.

Deep friendship = there is respect and mutual enjoyment of each other’s company.
We want to hang out and spend time together.
Friendship is built on little things with each other day in and day out.
Romance is built on little things more than the big things.

What fans the flames of romance?
It is not holiday or lavish gift. It is not big gesture.
What fuels the romance is friendship. Doing little things together day in and day out.

It is in those little moments which make the heart and the soul of marriage.
Friendship means tuning toward each other.
A spouse must turn toward each other even when it is difficult to love another spouse.

What do friends do?

– Friends share details of their lives with one another.

The more we are aware of each other, the better friends we become.
John 15:15
Things Lord Jesus heard, He shared with His disciples.
Couple must be intimately familiar with likes or dislikes, hopes and fears of another spouse.
Does the couple know each other’s goals? The works? The projects?
How can the couple love each other without knowing the details?
It is friendship which makes sex and romance great.
Friends update each other. In these days, many couple are quiet and do not update each other of daily life.
Do you know what makes your spouse happy? Who irritates your spouse?
Please make sure you stay current with your spouse’s life.
Updating is a lifelong process.
Sometimes there is a major update when there is a major change in life: retirement, parenthood, menopause, etc.

Talking about babies.
Baby brings great joy in marriage. Many women become unhappy because the husbands no longer transition to be fathers too.
Husbands must then redefine we-ness: husband+wife to husband+wife+baby.

– Friends invest heavily in respect and affection

2  most important ingredients of friendship are respect and affection.
Phil 2:3
Husband and wife esteem each other.
1 Cor 7:3
Husband and wife must give affection to each other.

During time of conflict, the couple are disgusted with each other.
To prevent disgust, the couple must show respect and affection.

Husband must never give solution immediately.
Showing empathy must precede advice.
Wife wants to know her husband understands and cares for her feeling.

When the wife cries, what should the husband do?
Show genuine interest by asking the details. Show empathy that husband understands her. Wait before offering solution.
The husband can say, “Oh no. That’s poor thing. How can they say that to you?”

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Book Review XXXI: More Than a Carpenter


“One thing about Christian faith that has appealed to me is that it is not a blind, ignorant belief but rather one based on solid intelligence.”
– Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell –

A superb book on apologetics! I highly recommend it to you, readers!

Josh McDowell started out as skeptics who mocked Christianity.
One day a Christian student challenged him to disprove Jesus’ claims.
He then delved into deep research into Christianity.
At the end of his research, he concluded that the resurrection of Jesus Christ was a real historical event.
Though he himself struggled not to accept Him as a personal Savior and Lord, he eventually accepted Him.
Over time, God began to work in his life.
Before he became a Christian, he had a temper problem. After he became a Christian, he was not angered easily.
Before he became a Christian, he hated his father. After he became a Christian, he forgave his father.
In fact, he managed to get his father to accept Lord Jesus.

Let’s see the content of this book, shall we?

This book deals with many issue. Nevertheless, I will just summarize five of them:
1. Jesus’ claim to be God.
2. Atheism
3. The reliability of the Bible.
4. Apostle’s testimony that Lord Jesus rose from the dead.
5. Jesus Lord is the only way to God

So, let’s get started ~~


1. Jesus’ claim to be God.

This claim is the most outrageous claim a human can ever make.
In fact, it is the reason why the Pharisees hated Lord Jesus so much.
For instance, He forgave sins which only God can do.
Was Jesus a liar? Very unlikely. He taught many truth and He has the noblest character the world has ever known.
In fact, if he had been a liar, why would He be willing to go through much suffering for such a false claim?
Was Jesus lunatic? It is very unlikely as His teaching and lifestyle did not correspond to someone who had mental issue.
Is Jesus God? That’s the only possible explanation.
Some tried to downplay this claim e.g. The Da Vinci Code. However, this is half truth. 
The divinity of Christ had been long recognized by the early Christians long before  council of Nicea was formed.


2. Atheism

There is a rise of atheism in modern days as characterized by the books Letter to a Christian Nation, The God Delusion and God is Not Great.
Modern atheism has several characteristics.
1. While old atheism understood without God there would be loss of purpose and joy of living, modern atheism celebrates the death of God.
2. Modern atheism believes religion is poison.
3. It mainly attacks Christianity. While modern atheism claims to be based on science, it is actually in conflict with science.

Paul Davies stated: "Science is based on the assumption that the universe is thoroughly rational and logical at every level. Atheists claim that the laws [of nature] exist reasonessly and that the universe is ultimately absurd. As a scientist, I find this hard to accept."
In fact, modern science has developed from Christian worldview that God is glorified in our understanding of His creation.
Many early scientists were theists such as Robert Boyle, Isaac Newton, Blaise Pascal, Johannes Keppler, Louis Pasteur and Francis Bacon.
Some atheists like Anthony Flew in the end decided to believe in God after researching on science.

Two topics where atheisms cannot explain: origin of life and the fine tuning of the universe.
Moreover, while atheists can do good deeds, atheism does not provide objective moral standard.
According to late atheists J. L. Mackie, objective moral standard is unlikely to arise apart from an all-powerful God.
Atheism argues Christianity is evil. While there were slaughters done in the name of Christianity, the legacy of Christianity is mostly positive.
As a comparison, there were more than 100 million slaughters done by the communist China, Russia and Nazi Germany


3. The reliability of the Bible

Following are the critics’ argument and answer to  them:

Some critics like Ferdinand Christian Baur considered the New Testament books were written in late second century AD.
Hence, it is no longer accurate.
However, archeologists like William Albright found the whole New Testament was written between AD 50 and AD 75, thereby ensuring the accuracy of New Testament. William Ramsay also concluded that Luke was a first rank historian.

Some critics say New Testament was based on accumulation of myth and folklore.
However, normally folklore is accumulated through many generations. New Testament, on the other hand, was completed over little more than one generation since Lord Jesus lived. In addition, in Jewish culture, a student must carefully preserve the words of his/her teacher. Hence, it does not allow any accumulation of myth and folklore.

Some critics claimed there are at least 20 Gospels instead of 4 Gospels.
However, these additional Gospels are noncanonical as their dating is between AD 120-250, three generations away from Christ. Hence, their accuracy is questionable.

How do we know the Bible is historically reliable as compared to others historical manuscript?
Chauncey Sanders proposed 3 tests: Bibliographical test, internal evidence test, external evidence test.

Bibliographical Test
it is a test by which historical document reaches us, i.e. how reliable are the copies we have now.
Let’s examine other historical documents.
– Thucydides lived from 460-400 BC. His life was documented in 8 manuscripts which were dated about AD900, close to 1300 years later.
– Aristotle composed his poem around 343 BC yet the earliest copy was dated AD 1100 which was 1400 years later.
– Caesar’s Gallic Wars was written between 58 and 50 BC but there are 9-10 manuscripts of it dating 1000 years after his death.
As a comparison, there are  at least 5600 manuscripts of New Testament and the gap between the date of original composition and the earliest extant evidence is almost negligible.
Hence, we can be confident on the authenticity of the New Testament.
Some critics claim there are too many biblical variants which compromise the authenticity of New Testament.
However, these variants are expected due to large number of manuscript of the New Testament.
Most of these variants are simple spelling differences.
Even when there is variant in the meaning of text, it does not jeopardize the central doctrine of Christian faith.

The Internal Evidence Test
The accuracy of a historical writing depends on proximity of the writers and the event. The apostles were the eyewitnesses of the life and the resurrection of Jesus. In fact, their critics could not pinpoint any inaccuracy in their testimony.

The External Evidence Test
The New Testament is confirmed by extrabiblical evidence too. For example, Sir William Ramsay concluded the book of Acts to be accurate in its description of geography, antiquity and society of Asia Minor through archeological evidence.


4. Apostle’s testimony that Lord Jesus rose from the dead.

Though science says dead people don’t rise from the dead, there are many things science cannot explain.
For example, scientists cannot derive some equation to prove Napoleon Bonaparte ever existed.
Hence, the resurrection of Lord Jesus has to be analyzed from history and logic.
Historically, none of the opponents of Christianity was able to refute the apostles’ claim by showing the still dead body of Lord Jesus, for example. From legal point of view, their silence speaks volume on the authenticity of the claim.
In addition, the apostles themselves were the eyewitnesses of the resurrection.
They were wiling to be tortured, butchered and slaughtered in defending their claim.
Logically, would they have gone that far if they had fabricated the message of resurrection?


5. Jesus Lord is the only way to God

Why is Lord Jesus the only way to God? Why can’t other religions or religious leaders show way to God?

Humans are sinful being.
God is a loving God. He does not want to send anyone to hell.
At the same time, since He is holy God and infinitely perfect, He can’t tolerate even a speck of sin in His presence.
Hence, He must send all humans to hell.
To solve this apparent dilemma, God Himself became human in the form of Lord Jesus.
He died on our behalf so we can be reconciled to God.
Through Lord Jesus, we can have forgiveness of sins.
No other religious figures can offer such forgiveness as they themselves are subjects to sin.


Interesting book, isn’t it?
Do get a copy of this book at The Ink Room today, ok? 


Apologetics of the Day: The Bible and Flat Earth

Did the Bible teach that the earth is flat? What about people who opposed Christopher Columbus (1451-1506)?

That’s a myth. The Bible never teaches that the earth is flat.
In fact, one of the best proponents of spherical earth is Venerable Bede (673-735) who was a theologian and an astronomer.
As for Columbus, the real issue was with the size of the earth, not the shape of the earth.
Columbus underestimated the size of the earth.
He was lucky to have stumbled upon a new continent before his food supplies ran out.

Reference (retrieved 20, March, 2016)

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Picnic + iLight Marina Bay 13, March, 2016

**** Thanks, David Kok, for the photos!! You rock, bro!!! ****

Wohoo! Connexion outing this month! We had it last Sunday at Garden by the Bay ~~~
Initially it was rainy and we were worried. Luckily we managed to find shelter and therefore we could still have our outdoor picnic.


Our dinner picnic! Rennie made a delicious yam rice. Joanna made great sandwiches.
Jacob brought the picnic mat.  Elynn brought chicken nuggets.
Yahoo! We had a feast which we could not finish :p

After the meal, we walked around to enjoy iLight Marina Bay!!


Wah, despite the drizzle, a lot of people gathered outside MBS and enjoy this duo’s performance.



Near Art Science Museum. That petal like structure became the screen for the light.


An art market. Super creative design of clothes and iPhone cover were sold there.



Kids Carnival at the floating platform. Somehow I picked up a Shriek balloon here.


The participants for this outing.
Thanks for the wonderful time, everyone!
See ya in the next outing ^_____^

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