Pastor Kong’s Sermon 27, February, 2016 Meditation the Key to Victory

The Holy Spirit works in tandem with the word of God.
The more we delve into the word of God, the more we experience the Holy Spirit.

Matt 13:20-21
Tribulation will come because of the word of God. Hence, we need to have a strong root system.
How do we strengthen it? By meditating on the word of God.
Acts 19:20
The word of God prevailed = the Ephesian Christians meditated on the word of God often.

Joshua 1:5-7
God guaranteed power, protection, prosperity and presence toward Joshua.
There was a condition = Joshua had to meditate on His law.

Meditation = muttering, speaking it out every now and then.
We just need to align our thought with the word of God. Blessing will then come.
We need to train our thought not to worry.
Worrying is meditating on the wrong thing.
We need to meditate on the positive thing which is the word of God.

There are over 7000 promises in the Bible.
We can ask the Holy Spirit to give us one or two promises.
We meditate on it until we can see ourselves living out the word/promise.
Meditation is the squeezing out of revelation from the word of God.
When God gives the idea, we need to act on it.

Joshua 1:8
The first time the word “success” mentioned here has to do with meditation.
Success = wisdom = skill = intelligence.
In Joshua 1 alone, meditation brings even more blessing.

5. God guarantees perfect peace
Isaiah 26:3
Shalom = completeness in health, prosperity and peace.
God will keep us successful. The condition = our mind sticks to Lord Jesus. We focus on Him.
Psalm 20:7, Isaiah 61:7
Even if we are bankrupt, God can still bless us and make us have double honor.

6. God guarantees patience
Eph 4:26-27
Why do we get angry? When we think someone treats us unfairly.
Anger in itself is not sin.
However, if we stay angry for a long time, the devil obtains foot hold in our lives.
Psalm 4:4
How to deal with anger? Meditate on the word of God.
Col 3:13
We forgive anyone who offends us.

7. God guarantees permanent victory over the devil
Psalm 119:9-11
The more we meditate, the stronger we are against temptation.
Lord Jesus responded to temptation by quoting the word of God.
While deliverance ministry is necessary, it is not permanent solution.
Isa 41:10
When the devil throws all kinds of negative thought to us, we respond with God’s promise.

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