Pastor Kong’s Sermon 2, March, 2016 End Times Realities II

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Let’s focus on Dan 7-8, 2 Thes 2, Rev 13 and Rev 17.

Daniel recorded the series of events of the end times leading to the second coming of Lord Jesus.
The name “Daniel” means God is my Judge.
Revelation is always based on relationship.
Daniel made a choice to draw near to the LORD, therefore he had revelation upon revelation from the LORD.

Daniel had prophetic ministry for 70 years.
In Daniel 7, he saw 4 beasts.


1. Lion. Babylonian which is modern day Iraq
2. Bear. Medo-Persian which is modern day Iran.
3. Leopard. Greece empire. Daniel 7:6
4. Terrifying beast. Roman empire. Daniel 7:7

At the extreme end of the beast, there were 10 horns and a little horn


Antichrist will
– Arise during “Group of Ten nations” (Dan 7:8, 24)
– Blaspheme God (Dan 7:8, 11, 20, 25)
– Persecute the saints (Dan 7:21, 25)
– Be a world dictator (Dan 7:25)
– Reign times, times, and half a time (Dan 7:11)
– Be cast into the lake of fire

Daniel 8:16-17, 19
This vision is about the end time. Daniel was about 73 years old. He met the angel Gabriel.
Dan 8:21-22
The ram is the kings of Media and Persia which expanded in three directions.
The goat is the king of Greece. The first king was Alexander.
After Alexander, the kingdom of Greece was divided among his 4 commanders.
However, the smaller kingdoms did not have the glory of the former Greece.


There were many prophecies of the coming of Christ which did not come to pass.
At least, it is better to be wrong and prepared than to be complacent at all.

1260 days. 3.5 days.
Daniel predicted the Messiah will be cut off at 69th week. 69 x 7 = 483.
Lord Jesus was crucified 483 years after Daniel’s life


538 AD. Siege of Rome. Emperor Justinine declared the Pope to hold political and religious authority.
It was the beginning of dark ages where the Pope’s word was equal to the Bible.
In fact, Martin Luther considered Pope as the antichrist.
1798 AD. 1260 years later French general ended Pope’s supremacy.

Daniel 8:9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 24
1. This little horn (antichrist) will invade Israel. 
2. Antichrist will persecute the seed of Abraham
    – Both the Jews and Christians (it is a time of severe martyrdom).
3. Antichrist will have military power (he will be winning).
4. Antichrist will take away daily sacrifices in Temple
    – Now the Israel has the blueprint of the Temple. He is going to stop any Jewish worship.
    – This prophecy was partially fulfilled in Anthiochus IV Epiphanes king of Syria stopped Temple sacrifice 167 BC.
    – He erected his image in the Temple. He even sacrificed pigs at the altar.
    – 164 BC Judas Maccabeus recaptured Jerusalem. He dedicated Jerusalem back to God which is known as Hanukah.
5. Antichrist will exalt himself as God.
6. Antichrist will set up his image in the Temple
    – Transgression of desolation, abomination of desolation.
    – Matt 24:15-16 Abomination = idols which receive love due to God.
    – This will be the beginning of the reign of the antichrist.



7. Antichrist will reign for 2300 evenings and morning.
    – Dan 8:14. For 1150 days, everybody in the world will be ordered to worship the idols.
    – The other 110 days are when the antichrist comes into the Temple and set up everything.
    – Matt 24:15-21, 22. This will be the worst ever persecution which Christians will go through.
    – Second coming of Christ will take place after the tribulation)
8. The antichrist is cunning, deceitful and untrustworthy
     – Dan 8:25. He initially promised peace with the Jews for 7 years. Half way, he will break the treaty.
9. Antichrist will be destroyed supernaturally
    – Dan 8:25 No human power can assassinate him.

2 Thes 2:1-3, 4
The day of second coming of Christ will not come before massive global backsliding.
There is a price to pay to become Christians.
Until we see the antichrist with our own eyes, the Christ will not come.

1. is called “the man of sin”
2. is called “the son of perdition
   – Destruction by betrayal. Another son of perdition = Judas. John 17:12.
   – This betrayal was engineered by the devil himself. In fact, Judas was possessed by the devil.
   – Satan will possess the antichrist to gain trust of the whole world and then he will betray the whole world.
3. will exalt himself above God (2 Thes 2:4).
4. Will demand to be worshipped as God
   – 2 Thes 2:5-7. Antichrist started to appear 2000 years ago and will appear at the end of time.
   – The mystery of lawlessness is not defined in the Bible.
   – However,  the mystery of godliness is defined 1 Tim 3:16 which is God manifested in the flesh.
   – It was first a mystery when Lord Jesus came in human flesh.
5. is Satan in human flesh

We will not even know that person is Lucifer himself when we first see him.
Now we do not see him because of the keeper of the bottomless pit.
Bottomless pit is the prison of the sinful soul. Every sinner who dies does not immediately go to hell/lake of fire.
He/she goes to Hades/Sheol/abyss. The angel who holds the key of the bottomless pit is not the devil.

Rev 20:21.
When Paul was writing 2 Thes, there was an evil man who died. He is now in the Hades.
Eventually this angel will release him and the devil will possess him and make him return to life.

2 Thes 2:8-9.
The antichrist will work signs and wonders and heal the sick.
Rev 13:1.
The sea is like a bottomless pit.

Rev 11:7.
The antichrist used to be alive and he died and he will come back again.
Rev 12:3
The devil and the antichrist have 7 heads and 10 horns.
Rev 13:2.
This antichrist is like lion, bear, leopard and terrifying beast.
Daniel 7.
The antichrist is the combination of 4 of them.


Roman empire stretched all the way to the Middle East and Africa.
From Ishmael came the Arab.
They are the enemies of Israel as they will argue with the right of the land possession.
The whole world is waiting for a peacemaker between Israel and Arab.
Arab believe the Mahdi, the great awaited leader, will come to make peace between Arab and Israel and establish one world religion.

Rev 13:3.
He used to be assassinated and he had the scar.

Rev 13:4-6.
The antichrist will speak against the church and he will be dictator.
Rev 13:7.
He will kill many Christians too.
Rev 13:8-10.
Some Christians will be taken captive, some will be killed.
Christians need to have faith and patience.
Patience = constant and consistency.

Rev 13:11.
Natural man. Outwardly he looks so caring. Inwardly he is the false prophet.
The demonic trinity: Satan, antichrist and false prophet.
The role of the false prophet is to lead the whole world to worship the antichrist.
Rev 13:13.
The false prophet can even imitate Elijah.
As a church, we follow the word of God, we don’t follow sigs and wonders.
Rev 13:14-15.
Somehow, this image of antichrist is able to speak and comes alive.



Rev 13:18.
Number = names = Latin, Greek and Hebrew.
Rev 17:8.
The antichrist used to be alive but now no longer alive in John’s time.
7 heads and 10 horns. Heads = mountains. Woman = city.

Rome was the biggest city in John’s time and it sat on 7 mountains.
7 kings = 7 caesars. 5 caesars were brutally murdered.
Out of 5, one will come back. Most likely Nero will come back to be the antichrist as his name means 666.


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