Dinner After Service 5, March, 2016

Another fantastic dinner with the awesome group of people after church service ~~~
We went to IWantMyNoodle at Shaw Center.
They serve authentic Indonesian noodle. Even their soup tastes like awesome! I guess they make it using real bone broth.



Another guess game! Which meal was mine?

And, not forgetting taking group photo as well ~~~~


That wasn’t the end as we had a second round at…. Overeasy.



Yup, the room was pretty dark. So, I had to use flash when I took the photo.
Pretty good chat with them regarding the procedure of buying house in Singapore.

Then, time to go home ~~~
Along the way home, some of us who stay in the east took selfies as well.
Well, after many rounds of trial and error, here are our best shots ~~~



Well, let’s see if one day we can organize run together with people in the east ~~~


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