Pastor Kong’s Sermon 9, March, 2016 End Times Realities II (Finale)

Rev 17
The antichrist will be world dictator and will have military power. He has access to all nuclear power.
US, UK, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Russia, China, Israel, Iraq all have nuclear powers.
The antichrist can come from these countries.
He also hates the Jews. So, he can come from these countries: Russia, Europe, Middle East

He needs support from religious systems.
Europe: Roman Catholic. Russia: Orthodox Christianity.
Christianity has 3 branches. Catholic (1.2 billion), Protestants (0.8 billion), Orthodox (0.3 million)

Russian, after all, has the history of anti-Jews. So, it is important to learn about Orthodox
Orthodox has extra books other than 66 books in the Bible.
They believe the bread and the wine are really the body and the blood of Christ.
They believe forgiveness of sins is through Eucharist.
They believe serious sins must be confessed o a priest
They believe in purgatory and in praying to dead saints.
They believe church tradition has the same authority as the Bible.

Middle East has global religious system too.

Rev 17:5, 9, 18
The antichrist will collaborate with the mystery Babylon which could be Middle East or Iraq.
Since ancient time, there is only one city which sits on 7 mountains: city of Rome.
In John’s time, there was only one enduring city of empire which lasted for 1570 years 27 BC to 1543 AD: City of Rome.
Why is Rome a mystery?
Jesus is the mystery of godliness. When we see Him, we see God.
The antichrist is the mystery of lawlessness. He is the ultimate embodiment of lawlessness.
Rome must be the ultimate expression of Babylon.

What does Babylon symbolize?
The abomination God hates the most: idolatry.

Jer 50:1, 38. Jer 51:47, 52.
There will be embodiment of idolatry in the end times. God will judge it.

What is Babylon origin?

Genesis 10:8-12
All these cities are modern day Iraq.
Nimrod = founder of Babel or Babylon.
Shinar = southern Iraq.
Nineveh = Assyria = northern Iraq.
Nimrod was a powerful warrior. He was the first conqueror in world history.
He was the first king to wear robe and a crown.
Nimrod means “We shall rebel”

Genesis 11:1-2, 8.
Right after the flood, Nimrod and his people went to Shinar and built the tower of Babel.
This is like Lucifer. They wanted to ascend to heavens.
Babel means “confusion”. The Lord confused their language to divide them.
With confusion, there was no communication.
Today Iraq has a place Birs Nimrud which is the ruin of the tower of Babel.
This is also the place of Tower of Belus which Nebuchadnezzar built.
Nimrod claimed he was sun god. The first idol worship was set up by him and people sacrificed human to Nimrod.
It was Nimrod who introduced zodiac to the whole world.
He was the great grandson of Noah. He was then killed then and mutilated.
The pieces of his body was scattered to all the cities he founded.
Semiramis, Nimrod’s wife, gave birth to Tammuz which was symbolized by the golden calf (Ez 8:14)
Semiramis claimed Tammuz was reincarnation of Nimrod.
Semiramis claimed to be the mother of sun god (the queen of heavens) and her picture is the mother holding a baby.

Semiramuz and Tammuz became Asthroreth and Tammuz in Canaan.
The image of father, mother and sun god then spread to many countries.
1  Sam 7:3-4. Jer 7:18. Jer 44:17-19
Ashtoreths = Semiramuz. Baal = Nimrod. Milcom = Tammuz.
In babylon, Nimrodd = sun god = Marduk. Semiramuz = Ishtar.
People were unrepentant and even ignored prophet Jeremiah.
By the time Jeremiah warned them, it was already 2000 years after Semiramis.

In Medo-Persia, sun god = Nimrod = Ahura-Mazda. Semiramis = Anahita. Mithra = Tammuz.
In Greece, sun god = Zeus, mother of god = Venus. Cupid = son.
In Rome, sun god = Zeus, mother of god = Diana/Artemis, son = Bacchus.

All throughout history, this image is spread to all countries.
In fact, we see the image of Mary and baby Jesus at these days too.

Rev 17:1. Ex 34:15-16
This woman has great influence. She is also a harlot.
She is a system of idol worship.
God is forever joined to us spiritually. Harlotry means unfaithfulness.

Woman in the Bible is the picture of the church.
Eve is like a church born out of Adam.
Rahab is like redeeming church.
Hannah is like praying church.
Shulamite = a church which totally is devoted to Christ.

Rev 17:3-4, 5
This woman is rich. Could this be Vatican Roman Catholic church?
It has control over 1.2 billion Catholics. For 2000 years they have amassed wealth.
Catholic church has propagated the mother Mary and baby son Jesus.
In ancient Rome, they worshipped sun god Sol Invictus. In fact, caesar was known as Pontifex Maximum (the high priest of the sun god).
The Vatican Obelisk is the symbol of Ra in Egypt’s Heliopolis which Emperor Caligula brought to Rome in 37 AD.
Catholics believe the pope cannot be wrong in declaring a dogma because it is like God declaring it.
The official language of Rome is Latin.
The pope has the title Vicar of Christ = Vicarius Filli Dei = 112 + 53 + 501 = 666.
That’s why the reformers could not accept it as they spoke in Latin = how can a mere man become substitute of Christ?

While Mary was special, she was never worshipped from the start.
During council of Ephesus, Mary was given special worship and title.
Catholics claimed to simply venerate her and the statues were for commemoration.

Luke 1:43
Elizabeth called Mary “the mother of my Lord”.
However, the name Lord here is kurios which is to address someone in authority.
This word can be used to address a judge too.
A mother is at point more powerful than the baby. To address Mary as mother of God implies Mary is more powerful than God.
Rm 4:16
Abraham is the father of us all. Yet, we do not pray to Abraham.
In Catholics doctrine, Mary is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.
To Catholics, Mary is the healer, the advocate, the mediator between God and man.

1 Tim 2:5
There is only one Mediator: Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, Mary is not a mediator.
Immaculate conception = stainless. Catholics believe there is no original sin in Mary.
Rm 3:10. 1 John 1:8
Sometimes in Christian doctrine there is exception, e.g. Enoch, Moses and Elijah are now in heaven, the antichrist is now bottomless pit but will be brought back to life.
However for this, there is no exception. Not one is righteous, including Mary.

Assumption Conception = Catholics believe Mary is resurrected in heaven.
This is not in the Bible. This is pope’s saying which is infallible.
To pray to someone who is already dead is called spiritism. We are not allowed to commune with dead people.
Mary is never superior to any of us.
Matt 12:46-50
Even Lord Jesus did not give special treatment to Mary. Perhaps He knew Mary would be venerated.
In the beginning of Christianity, there was no image of Jesus Christ.
Now, Catholics church is full of icons though God commanded not to make any idols (2nd commandment)

Protestants (Martin Luther, Calvin) decided to break away from Catholics.
5 Latin words to summarize the difference between Protestants and Catholics.
1. Sola Fide – by faith alone
Good works do not give salvation
2. Sola Scriptura – by Scripture alone
Not even pope decree or church tradition is above the Bible
3. Sola Gratia – by grace alone
Unmerited favor from God.
4. Sola Christus – through Christ alone
We don’t go to any other mediator like Mary or priest. We go directly to Jesus Christ.
5. Soli Deo Gloria – glory to God alone
We don’t serve Mary or the pope.

Rev 17:6, 7-8, 16, 17, 18
This group killed many Christians.
Pope Innocent IV (1195 – 1254) issued a decree to torture the heretics, resulting in the Inquisition which millions of people die.
10 horns = 10 nations which will come to power with the antichrist.
The antichrist will betray and annihilate this fallen church/woman.
This great city could very well be Vatican City

Rev 18:1-5. 1 Cor 10:19-21
Behind idols are demons. Idol in itself is no big deal.
When the antichrist comes as the world dictator, he wants to be worshipped as god.
The false prophet looks like a lamb. He can call fire from heaven.
This false prophet may very well be the pope. After all, pope’s word is above the Bible.
Once the pope decrees to worship another image which is the image of antichrist, 1.2 billion Catholics will immediately bow down and worship.
1 Kings 18:21, 1 Sam 7:3
We gotta decide who is God.
While Catholics have done great charity, we must come out from from Catholicism.

~144000 saints~

Rev 7:4, 9
In the end times God will seal 144000 people. Before God judges the world, God will distinguish the righteous and the unrighteous.
Those who are marked and sealed will be taken up to heaven.
We must decide whose side we are on: the antichrist or God.
If we choose the mark of the beast, God’s mark will bypass us.
12 tribes listed are not natural Israel. They are spiritual Israel. After all, there is no tribe of Joseph.
22 chapters in Revelation. Rev 7 is repeated in Rev 14.

Rev  14:1, 4, 5.
Who are they? They are followers of Christ. Sometimes Jesus walks to the pasture or to the valley of death.
They are willing to follow Christ even to the cross.
In their mouth, they are people of truth. Tribe of Dan is not mentioned there.
Dan has a weakness: the spirit of betrayal and deception.
Gen 49:17
Dan is very cunning like a serpent.
In the second coming of Christ, there is betrayal everywhere.

Mark 13:9-10
There is gonna be great revival and evangelism and persecution.
Mark 13:11-12
The spirit of Dan will be rampant.

In the end, there will be shaking of the heaven and earth.
We will be caught with him in mighty rapture.
Our goal = to hear Jesus says “Well done, My good and faithful servant.”


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