Cg Sermon 11, March, 2016 Raised from the Dead

9 individuals in the Bible were resurrected in the Bible.
4 individuals were resurrected by Lord Jesus.

1. Luke 7:11-17
Jesus told her “Don’t cry.”
When we want to resurrect the dead, there must be compassion.
Compassion = empathy. Can feel others’ feeling.
Lord Jesus poured out His feeling to help her.
Is there certain dead situation among our friends that they need compassion?
Even if costs us something, we need to show compassion to that person.
God will strengthen us.

2. John 11:1-4, 17, 38-40
In resurrection, there must be belief. If we believe, we will see the glory of God.
Our belief is based on the word of God which can speak to our circumstance.
Do we listen to God or do we listen to men?

3. Luke 8:41-42, 49-50, 52
Jesus said “Don’t be afraid.”
When we need resurrection, there must be no fear.
There are 365 “Do not fear” in the Bible.
For Jesus, the girl was sleeping, not dead.
Perhaps we consider certain relationship or work to be dead.
However, to Jesus, it is just asleep. It is just temporary. Eventually He will raise us up.
When we comfort others, it will really encourage them not be afraid.

4. Matt 28:5-9
Lord Jesus was saying “Good morning.”
Sometimes it is difficult to encourage self in the midst of dead situation.
When we say “Good morning” to ourselves, we ready ourselves to begin anew.

All of them are different background: stranger, friend, leader of synagogue, and self.
No matter what background, Jesus Lord can resurrect.


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