Pastor Aries’ Sermon 12, March, 2016 The Power of Prayer

Every Christian needs to have prayer life.
Without prayer, we can’t sustain our walk with Lord Jesus.
Lord Jesus spent many times in prayer.
He went up to the mountain to pray to God the Father.

Luke 6:12
He was there all night to pray.
The power and anointing in His ministry came from prayer.

Prayer is the most sustaining force for the church.
It may be boring to do. And yet, we need prayer to last through the distance.
Without prayer, our walk with God will be stale and mere routine.
It may be difficult to understand the benefit of prayer as it is not tangible.

There are many things in life which cannot be solved with money.
When doctors in the world give up, there is one thing we can do: we can pray and believe God.
Whatever circumstance we may be in, the answer to our problem is in Lord Jesus.
We need to return to source of strength through prayer.

Luke 6:17-19
So many energy surged out from Lord Jesus. Even people were healed.
No prayer no power.
Power = dunamis = ability to perform for believer = power to achieve by applying the Lord’s inherent abilities = miraculous power, strength and might.

What did He do after prayer?
– Chose disciples and commissioned the 12
– Healed a great multitude
– Prepared and preached “The Beatitudes”
– Travelled to Capernaum, healed centurion’s servant
– Travelled to Nain, raised dead son of window.
– Bad news: John the Baptist was imprisoned. Emotional turmoil and distress.
– Defended sinful woman. Confronted Pharisees and disciples.
– Raised money for ministry
– Prepared and introduced new way of preaching: the parables. Preached to multitudes.
– Calmed the storm
– Help demonized man in Gadarenes; cast out strong demon Legion.
– Healed and raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead.
– etc

The first time He prayed, He obtained the strength to achieve 3 chapters of ministry.
Luke 9:18
This is the next time He prayed.

No prayer no power.
One hour of prayer is more powerful than attending a week of prayer conference.

To win, it is not about how fast you can sprint, but it is about how fast we recover to bounce back.
Setback is actually a stimulus for growth. The real problem is that we do not recover through prayer.
Prayer life is our recovery plan.
As the busyness or disappointment or midlife crisis sets in, our spiritual life may get stuck.
The solution? We return to prayer life.
When the Spirit comes, the flesh disappears.
When we are soaked in the presence of God, we will feel refreshed and let go of that disappointment or anger.

1 Tim 2:1-8
The first thing we need to do is to start praying. P. R. A. Y.

P = Purpose

Prayer is our conversation with God. We need to be prayer savvy.
Our prayer may not be answered. Some may question the point of prayer when the answer does not come.
This is where we need to get the right understanding of prayer.
Prayers are not tools for doing or getting but for being and becoming.

Luke 10:38-42 
Martha was more concerned about doing. Mary was more concerned with being.
Prayer is about being with Jesus and becoming more like Jesus.
When we become more and more like Jesus, we will let go of that wrong desire.

We need to spend time and enjoy the presence of God.

R = Repetition

Prayer must a start as desire. Then, it becomes discipline. Then, it becomes a delight.
To reach delight stage, prayer requires repetition.

James 5:17-18
Elijah prayed 7 times until he finally saw a small cloud.

Repetition is mother of skill and father of learning.
The price to pay to be great at something – repetition.

A = Ascend

To pray we need to go up to the mountain.
Prayer is an uphill task.

Exo 3:1-4
Mountain = to we need step aside from earthly distraction to seek God.
Surround yourself with spiritual people, spiritual environment and spiritual songs.
Sometimes we need to take a break from negative people.
For a season, we need to consecrate ourselves from others. We don’t completely cut ties with non-believers.

Why has God not spoken to us?
Maybe because we are distracted all the time.

Y = Community

Matt 18:20
Prayer often starts when we are alone. But for prayers to develop into full maturity, they must be integrated into a praying community.
When we pray alone, we tend to pray for self.
When we pray together, our self tends to diminish. We learn to pray by being led to pray.
We learn to be led by the Spirit as we pray together.


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