Dinner After Service 12, March, 2016

*** Plenty thanks to Hany Chen and Rio Susanto for the photos. You are all awesome!! ***

Another round of great dinner with CG people! Where else can one find such a fun-loving cg? ^_^
Due to multiple church service last weekend, I attended different service timing from theirs.
Nevertheless, they patiently waited for me at the cafe even after I finished shopping ~~~

Well, first, they inspected my shopping loots.
I told them it was a great fashion deal at Domanchi Marina Square.
Then, I told them the origin of my fixation with fashion. Well, that’s only for them to know ;)



Extremely delightful treat!!!! Guess which one was mine?


Alright. I was asked to recite the sermon for 5 pm service. So, here I was explaining to them.
Anyway, somehow they put me in the hot seat by asking me many personal questions.
Mainly about my type of girl, that is.


Our beautiful people ~~~


Ah. Don’t forget the easterners ~~
We need to take more photos.

Can’t wait to see them again this week~~~~


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