Picnic + iLight Marina Bay 13, March, 2016

**** Thanks, David Kok, for the photos!! You rock, bro!!! ****

Wohoo! Connexion outing this month! We had it last Sunday at Garden by the Bay ~~~
Initially it was rainy and we were worried. Luckily we managed to find shelter and therefore we could still have our outdoor picnic.


Our dinner picnic! Rennie made a delicious yam rice. Joanna made great sandwiches.
Jacob brought the picnic mat.  Elynn brought chicken nuggets.
Yahoo! We had a feast which we could not finish :p

After the meal, we walked around to enjoy iLight Marina Bay!!


Wah, despite the drizzle, a lot of people gathered outside MBS and enjoy this duo’s performance.



Near Art Science Museum. That petal like structure became the screen for the light.


An art market. Super creative design of clothes and iPhone cover were sold there.



Kids Carnival at the floating platform. Somehow I picked up a Shriek balloon here.


The participants for this outing.
Thanks for the wonderful time, everyone!
See ya in the next outing ^_____^


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