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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 25, March, 2016

Clothing is a big subject in the Bible.
Isaiah 61:10
Garments of salvation and robe of righteousness.
Proverb 31:22
Clothing of fine linen and purple.

God started this clothing.
When He first created Adam and Eve, He clothed them with His glory.
After their fall into sin, they felt uneasy with their nakedness as it was a reflection of their sin.
God killed an animal, made tunic out of the skin to clothe Adam and Eve.

Luke 2:12
Lord Jesus wore swaddling cloths when He was born.
Back then, the travellers in the desert had to bring swaddling cloths to prepare themselves for the worst.
Swaddling cloths were really the burial wraps.

John 19:1-2, 23-24
Lord Jesus wore purple robe. His own garments were divided among the soldiers.

God seems to be interested in clothing. He has something special for all of us.

John 20:6-7
Peter saw the linen cloths and handkerchief. Lord Jesus left something for the whole world to see.
He gave us robe of righteousness when He rose from the dead.

1. Are we clothed in sickness and disease?

Bartimeus was blind. He wore a certain garment meant for the blind.
When people saw him, people gave him way.
Mark 10:15
He threw his own garment. Lord Jesus gave him the robe of healing.

It does not matter what sickness we have: cancer, organ failure, asthma.
We put on the robe of healing. We rise and be healed in Jesus’ name.

2. Are we clothed in Satan’s bondage?

Isaiah 61:3
Satan wants to always put us in bondage.
For example, some people open the door to Satan through occultism.
However, demons cower in the name of Jesus.
2000 years ago, Satan could not hold Jesus in the tomb.
He rose again as He had defeated the power of sin and death.
Only Lord Jesus can offer the robe of victory.

3. Are we clothed in sin and sorrow?

It does not matter how much good or bad deed we do, He loves us.

Let us be clothed in His robe of healing, victory and righteousness.

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