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When Should One Change to Another Church?

An interesting writing by John Bevere in his book The Bait of Satan.
Taken from page 48, 49 and 57.

Today men and women leave churches so readily if they see something wrong in the leadership.
Perhaps it is the way the pastor takes offerings.
Maybe it is the way the money is spent.
Rather than face difficulties and maintain hope, they run to where appears to be no conflict.
If you are in the place where God wants you, the devil will try to offend you to get you out.
If you will not budge, even in the midst of great conflict, you will spoil his plans.

I am often asked, “When should I leave a church or a ministry? How bad does it have to get?”
I respond, “Who sent you to the church you presently attend?”
The majority of time they answer, “God did.”
”If God sent you,” I replied, “do not leave until God releases you. If the Lord is silent, He is often saying,’ Don’t change a thing. Do not leave. Stay where I have placed you!’”
When God does instruct you to leave, you will go out with peace, no matter what the condition of the ministry.

This quote is especially important as all church leaders are imperfect.
Will write a review of this book soon ~~