CG Sermon 1, April, 2016

Phil 2:1-11
We need to look at each other in a loving way.
God loves our friends. When we deal with them,  we need to deal like God dealing with them.
When our friends share their weakness, we should not be quick to judge.

The Great Commandment.
To show others we love God, we need to love them.
We let the love of God flow through us.
When we say we love God but we do not love others, we have no evidence that we love God.

At the same time, when we help others, we need to be wise.
Sometimes there are others who want to take advantage of us.
We ask God first whether we should be involved in helping others.

There are many people who do not know their freedom in Christ.
Some struggle with depression. We should not look down on them.

There is consolation in Christ.
We may not be able to exactly console others as we have not experienced the same suffering.
However, we can remind them that Lord Jesus can console them.

Faith, hope, love.
There are many who lose faith or hope. However, all these can be reignited through love.
God loves us all. However, many times people can’t feel His love.
The first step: we show them our love.

When we help others, we should not expect anything in return.
In fact, we encourage others better than ourselves.
We should not fake our compliment to others.
If we don’t purposefully care for others, we will be selfish.
Those of us who are spiritually stronger may feel everything is fine.
However, we should care for others who are weaker spiritually.

Sometimes, when we help others, we need to ask discernment from the LORD.
We should find the root of the problem then solve it, not just the symptoms.
We may not go around and find problems to solve. Many times, problem knock at our door.
When God really reveals something to us regarding others’ needs, we should be ready to help.

When others are in difficulty, we need to remind them of the hope in God.

God wants us to know that He loves us. Unfortunately, humans cannot exactly know His love.
God then came as Lord Jesus to experience the same suffering as we do.
He then told us that He loves us.
Similarly, when we help others, we need to be in their shoes.
We need to be careful as well. Sometimes, we become stressed too when we help others.
The solution is we simply remind them of the promise of God.
We can tell them about Lord Jesus who died for them.
When we declare Lord Jesus, even the spirit of depression has to bow down.

We are carrier of the presence of God.
If possible, we lead the non-believer in sinner’s prayer.


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