Robert and Santy Wedding 16, April, 2016

As promised, here was what happened on last Saturday evening ~~~
A couple in the CG got married!!! And, the venue was in Halia Raffles Hotel.
Didn’t take many photos during the holy matrimony.
Nevertheless, here are the photos of the wedding reception ~~


RS = Robert and Santy.
Believe it or not, the wedding organizers, helpers, MC, singer and musician are all church members and most of them are fellow CG members.
Man! Whoever did the decoration really did a great job! (Hint: it was not me)


Dinner started!!!
Well, of all the menu, the ones which really excited cg members are the ice cream and the french fries.
See that bean sprout. One friend passed it to another friend, saying “It is for you so you will stay fertile (to have kids).”
And us usual, they passed the foods they could not finish to me.
Man, my tummy was about to explode that night!


Stole this photo from facebook. See our happy faces?

Congratulations once again, Robert and Santy!
Have a blissful marriage life!

[My turn is gonna come soon too to get married. Amen for that!]


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