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CG Meeting 22, April, 2016

*** Thanks a lot, Rio, for the awesome photos!!! ***

A great CG meeting last week!
Filled with the presence of God, the word of God and the wonderful fellowship!!
Here it goes the sermon ~~


Mission statement distinguishes one company from another.
For example, LinkedIn connects people.

What is our mission as a church?
”To build a church with strong spiritual atmosphere of faith and purity…” 
This mission has to be our DNA so we can move together as one big family.
There is a meaning behind every part of this mission.

To build a church with strong spiritual atmosphere of faith and purity

Strong spiritual atmosphere: the members are hungry and thirsty to seek the LORD.
Purity: CHC is going through difficult time. The members are purified.
There are not many churches with strong spiritual atmosphere like CHC.
Let us not take this spiritual atmosphere for granted.
Even as we go through daily work, we must still maintain the strong spiritual atmosphere.
Rm 10:17
Faith can only come from hearing the word of God.
We need to hear the word from God to build our faith.
Psalm 119:9
By taking heed of the word of the LORD, our faith is purified.
We should not read the Bible just for the sake of reading.

where every member is released into ministry

Ministry. It is not something we must do.
Ministry is the way to maturity 
Ephesians 4:11-13
As we minister, our spirit matures in the LORD.
In fact, ministry becomes our delight. It is no longer a burden.

discipled in the Great Commandment

Matt 22:36-40
It is to love the LORD and to love neighbor.
Disciple = follower or student of a mentor.
As Christians, our Mentor is Lord Jesus. Whatever Lord Jesus said, we need to carry out.
When Lord Jesus was alive, He was ready to die because He loves us.
In turn, we love Lord Jesus too.
Our capacity to love others should grow day by day too.

to obey the Great Commission and the Cultural Mandate

Matt 28:16-20
How to obey the Great Commission without going? It is good if we sign up on a mission trip.
Great Commission is almost like His will before He left us.
We can also start by praying for others and helping them.
If we have the chance to pray even for non-believers, we should do it.


Fellowship time.. began!!!


Tasty chocolate! Supply of calorie for me to leap down the staircase.
Had fun face swapping with a fellow CG member too ~~
We laughed hysterically and unstoppably.


Our pretty and handsome CG members!
Do look forward to the next happening of the CG, ok? ^_^