When It Is Not Your Destiny

“Ah, it was never my destiny to stop you”
– Master Oogway (Kungfu Panda 3)-

“No! It is not your destiny to defeat Tai Lung”
– Master Shifu (Kungfu Panda) –

Sometimes, we pray and pray and pray.
However, God’s answer remains the same.

It is a…

While the world calls it “destiny”, Christians call it “God’s will”.

Perhaps we should learn to take “no” as an answer from God.
God always wants the best for us.
While our prayer is not necessarily evil, God, in His divine wisdom, maybe sees our prayer as not aligned in His will for us.
So, He closes all the door and stops our path.

King David prayed for his baby son.
Yet, his baby son still died.
God does not always grant the prayer of His people.
Nevertheless, when God says no, He will definitely give us something better.

We may earnestly and sincerely pray for certain thing to come to pass.
Yet, when God says no, we may feel disappointed or even rejected.
Nevertheless, let this saying comfort us in the midst of disappointment:
When we are rejected, we are actually redirected.

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