CG Sermon 29, April, 2016

Wonderful CG meeting last Friday!!
Tasty refreshment to accompany our fellowship too ~~
Some cakes from Indonesia ;)


Anyway, here is the sermon during the CG meeting ^_^


Status quo: one decides to stay the same.

Rev 3:15-17
Laodicean church. The lukewarm church.
This is the warning from the LORD because He loved the Laodicean church.
Neither hot nor cold.
When we are supposed to be hot, we are not hot.
When we are supposed to be cold, we are not cold.
When are we supposed to be hot? Being on fire for the things of God.
When are we supposed to be cold? When we make certain stance about the wrong thing; we do not compromise.

One area the devil likes to attack is quiet time.
The devil keeps us with work after work that we do not have time for the LORD.

Psalm 1:1-3
This is the secret of success.
Walk not in the counsel of the ungodly. Do we take advice from God or from human?
For example, how do we know we should take up certain job? It must go in accordance with the purpose of God in our lives.
The LORD will also give the word to confirm.
How do we know who to marry? The LORD will give the verse.

Delight in the law of the LORD.
Even after we walk with the LORD for certain time, we will experience the word of God differently depending on the circumstance of life.
For example, Jesus is the anchor of our lives. When the boat is in the midst of the ocean and storm, the anchor is the only hope for the boat.
We need to grounded in the word of God.
We can cut down other activities so we will have time for God.

We may have other commitments e.g. family commitments.
However, we need to prioritize God over family.
We can build career and family here on earth. However, more importantly we need to build relationship with God.


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