Pastor Kong’s Sermon 30, April, 2016 Entering God’s Rest Part 1

The greatest expression of faith is resting in God.

Matt 11:28, Ps 23:1-2
Lord Jesus will give rest. Lord Jesus is the good Shepherd and He gives us rest.

What is rest?
It is confidence, peace, great belief that everything is already promised, prepared and provided for us.
Everything we need is already provided for us by God.
Hence, we won’t worry with the cares of the world.
We believe in the finished work of Christ. If we believe in Him, we will rest in Him.

How much do we believe?
Many struggle with belief that God will take care of them.
Will God really help? Will God bless our marriage? Will God heal us?
However, God has already done, prepared and provided for us.

In the Gospel, God keeps reminding us not to worry.
He assures everything is gonna be alright.

Heb 3:6, 10:35
Confidence = parrhesia = all out spokenness.
We speak out the Scripture, the promise of God.
Do not lose confidence. Do not grow weary to speak out the word of God.

Hope = vision. What we see in the future.
We need to keep visualizing it. What do we need? We visualize it through Christ.

Hebrews 3:7-8
Our heart will harden if we do not consider God’s word.
Whatever we do not consider, we will not be open to it.
If we ponder on the word God, we will be open and flexible to it.

For example, God promised to the children of Israel the land of Canaan would be full of abundance.
They even did not to plant the vineyard because God had already provided for them.

Deut 6
All God wanted from them was for them to love Him.
God would take care of their livelihood.

However, one day their dream was shattered because of the bad report from 10 spies.
We need to be careful with the bad report we hear from the people around us.
The Israelites were afraid of the giants.
However, in truth, the giants were more afraid of Israelites as the giants could see the pillar of fire and cloud.
The devil would not let us inherit God’s promise without any fight.

The Israelites focused on the problems instead of the promise.

Heb 3:9-11
This is an objective lesson for us.
Today there is still rest for all of us. We must not repeat the Israelites’ unbelief.
We have promise in Jesus Christ that healing, happy marriage, divine deliverance, success and blessing are available for us.
God is asking: can we have the confidence in the promise of God?

Heb 3:12
Israelites were too dependent on Egyptians for the housing or medicine.
Since the Israelites could not trust God, they did not enjoy the promise of God.
If we can’t believe God, we will panic and worry.

The real fight is never external, it is always internal.
It is always in the mind: can we take God in His word?

Luke 10:19
Can we believe the victory He has given to us over the evil spirits?
Mark 10:30
Can we believe that we receive reward as follow the LORD?

Heb 3:13
Unbelief is sin.
We need to remind one another of God’s word.

Heb 4:3
Even before God created the world, He had already provided for us.
The Lamb of God, Lord Jesus, was chosen even before the foundation of the world.

Heb 3:4, Gen 2:1-3
He rested not because of He was tired. He rested because everything was finished. There was nothing more to create.
God created Adam and Eve on the sixth day.
God did not create them earlier as He wanted to prepare things for them.
God wanted to have sweet communion with them.
Adam only needed to love and worship with God as He had already provided for him.

When we enter into His presence, we must let go of our burden. We must focus on God.
We set aside our worries and we enter into His rest.

On the sixth day, God said “It is very good”
On the sixth hour, Lord Jesus said “It is finished.”

Work is a good thing. Greater works we will do as we have the Holy Spirit.
Work is the way to hone our skill and release our potential.
Through good works, the world will see us as the light from God.

In Adam’s rest, even God gave him work.
Adam had had job before he even met Eve. No job, no wife.
In the rest of God, we work. We should not be stressed as we work.

We do our best and trust God for the rest.
God is not against work. He is against toil.
Toil is the result of sin and disobedience.

Gen 3:17
Sin breaks the rest of God.
Toil = hard, exhausting, continuous labor marked by strife, struggle, weariness and pain.
While work is useful, toil is useless.
Effect of toil: marriage is breaking up, sin is breaking out, ministry is not breaking through, and there is no breaking free from bad habit.
Work is a pleasure.

Good success = we can be on top, rich and not lose the family/marriage.
Bad success = we are on top and yet we lose consecration

Matt 16:26
What is the point of getting rich and yet losing the commitment to God?

We should not worry as God has provided for us.

Matt 6:28
Toil = kopiao = over-worked till physically fatigue. Working ourselves to the ground.

If we are stressed, God will rest.
If we rest, God will work on our behalf.

Matt 11:28-30
To rest does not mean inactivity or losing excellence.
We will work hard but we will not overwork.
God will give us wisdom as we brainstorm.
God wants us to work in such a way we have time to serve Him.

His yoke is easy. It does not require great struggle.
It does not crush us. Instead, we develop strength as we carry His yoke/

Every battle we fight, God fights on our behalf.

Heb 4:11
We make every effort to enter into the rest of God.
How does the rest look alike?
We meditate on the word of God, we guard our conversation, we speak out promise of God.
That’s how we are diligent to enter into God’s rest.
It may take 10, 50, 100 or thousands of confession. Nevertheless, we rest in His promise before we see manifestation of His promise.


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