Pastor Aries’ Sermon 7, May, 2016

Luke 1:5-7
They were childless couple. They tried years after years.
Yet the result was the same. They experienced much disappointment.
Eventually they accepted their inability.

Zachariah and Elizabeth were from the tribes of Levi.
Their inheritance is the LORD.
Even when they could not have children, they were contented with just God as God is their portion.

God is sovereign. Sometimes delay is not denial.
The angel came and brought him the answer to their prayer.

Luke 1:13 (Passion version)
A prayer which they did not pray anymore.
Yet, God answered it.

1. You may not stop praying but God has not stopped working

Maybe there was a prayer which we said a long time ago.
Maybe things got worse instead of better.
Maybe we prayed for healing. But now, we come to accept it.
We may have given up hope for that prayer.
But, God still works.

1 Sam 1:19
God began making the necessary arrangement.
If we do not pray, God does not work.
If we stop praying, God still works.

Luke 1:11-12, 18
Angel appeared unannounced to Zechariah. In the midst of darkness, a white figure appeared.
Gabriel kept saying in excitement about the life of John.
Yet, Zechariah could not believe it.

2. Your words are the power to your miracle

Gabriel had to shut Zechariah’s mouth.
Why did he do that? Gabriel prevented him from saying things which will sabotage the miracle.
While we wait for miracle, we must never speak negative things.

3. The harder you look for it, the harder it is to find. But when you least expect it, it sneaks right up to you!

Luke 1:23-25
Elizabeth initially identified her condition with Abraham and Sara.
However, she stopped praying.
Eventually, she received the answer to her prayer unexpectedly.

Sometimes it is easier to believe in the story of the Bible than to apply it in our life

4. Your painful experience can be source of healing for others.

Luke 1:26-31
As much as John was chosen to prepare the way of Jesus, Elizabeth was chosen to prepare the way of Mary.
In the first encounter, Gabriel came to Zechariah in the midst of darkness.
In the second encounter, Gabriel came to Mary in broad daylight.
When Mary was in doubt, Gabriel cited the example of Elizabeth.

In the family, sometimes there is friction and hurts.
Whatever is not healed, it is passed down.
God wants to heal hurts and pain in the family so it will not be passed down to the children.


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