Pastor Kong’s Sermon 14, May, 2016 Come Into His Rest

Matt 11:28-30
Jesus wants us to come into His rest.
In six days He created the universe. On the seventh day He rested not because He was tired.
There was nothing more to do, so He rested.

On the sixth day, Adam enjoyed God’s provision.
He did not experience worry as God had done the rest.
He was created to enjoy God.

From the seventh day, the rest was meant to be perpetual.
God gave Adam work to do: to raise a family in the state of rest.
There was no stress or worry.

Genesis 2:1-3, Heb 4:4
Adam could work with pleasure. He never overworked. Adam was working with God in His work.
God did the heavy lifting. Adam was enjoying the journey.
When we work outside His work, we enter into toil (hard labor marked by strife and pain).
Toil is working without God.

Are we working with God or without God?
God is not against work. God is against toil.

Gen 3:17
Toil is the result of sin and disobedience.
Toil causes marriage to break up, ministry not to break through, addiction not to break free.

Rest is working with God on higher, supernatural level.

Luke 5:1-5
They had toiled all night. They were experienced fishermen but they failed.
Nevertheless, they obeyed Lord Jesus.
– to let down nets during daytime (no seasoned fishermen would have done that. Fish would have seen the nets)
– to launch into the deep (nets were usually for shallow water)

The system of the world is buying and selling. The system of God is sowing and reaping.

Luke 5:8-9
Net breaking boat sinking increase.
They experienced miracle even without toiling.

George Washing Carver invented many things from peanuts.
He regularly spent time with God and God gave him much wisdom on how to deal with peanuts.
Rest is working with God. With this, we will have work-life balance and we will have time for God and family.

John 14:10
God the Father works.
Lord Jesus was completely human so He had to rely on the Holy Spirit.
He was like us except He did not sin.
He wanted to show us how Adam worked before he sinned.

Just like Lord Jesus worked with God, we can work with God too.
We can do great things like Lord Jesus in the state of rest.

God does not want us to work so hard that we become fatigue, that we do not have time for our family

When we were young, we did not worry much as we had earthly father to take care of our bills.
Now, we have Someone better.
We have the Heavenly Father who takes care of our needs.
God does not want us to be enslaved in the dog-eat-dog world.
All He asks is for us to believe.

John 14:12-13
We can do greater works than Lord Jesus as we believe in Him.
Ex 14:14
As He fights,  we maintain our cool.

We must not work just to earn a living.
We work to unleash the potential God has given to us.
We work to serve others.
We work to add values to society.

Proverb 10:22
No toil in the LORD.

Heb 3:19
Unbelief cancels their enjoyment of Promised Land.
We cannot inherit any of God’s promises if we do not believe Him.

1 Cor 3:21-23
We do not need to look up to Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.
All things are ours. All we need to complete our life assignments are provided in Christ.
What do we need? Healing? Job? As we seek Him first, He will provide for us.

God will and God wants to take care of us.
Let’s give Him a chance to show us that He is a good Father.


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