Conversational Evangelism

No. It is not about the title of the book.
It is about my own personal experience.

If I remember correctly, a long time ago, a senior Christian brother said,
“I want to be able to testify about Lord Jesus at least once in 2 weeks.”
He managed to talk about Lord Jesus to his non-Christian friends.
His saying did not exactly register to me as I was still young in my walk with God.
But now, I realize the importance of his resolve.

And I am determined to do similar thing as he did.

Over the years my personality has changed.
Often I did not talk much as I was too stressed with research life.
However, nowadays I tend to talk a lot.
Half of the time it is lame jokes. And my CG members can testify to that.

And that is my advantage.
As I talk a lot, I can naturally slip in the topic about Lord Jesus to the hearers, especially non-Christian.
At the same time, I can gauge whether they are comfortable with the topic.
If they are not comfortable, I can quickly shift the topic.

Hehehe, thank God for such idea and courage ^_^

Lord Jesus is coming soon.
Let’s buck up on our evangelism effort.


Posted May 19, 2016 by Jefri Yue Fei 吴岳飞 in Thought

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