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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 28, May, 2016

1 Pet 2:9-10
Chosen generation = God has chosen us, not we chose ourselves.
Once we are born again, we embark on the journey of sanctification with the purpose of being holy.
Ultimately, we will be of service to God.

Why are we still here? God has purpose for our lives.

The concept of the priesthood existed even before Moses.
The patriarch themselves became the priests, seeking God’s guidance for the family.
Noah built an altar to God after the flood, Job burnt sacrifices to God, Abraham built an altar to God in Bethel.

Through Moses, the priesthood was taken from head of the house to the tribe of Levites.
Nevertheless, God still addressed Israel as the nation of priests.
Exo 19:6

When Lord Jesus came, He abolished the old system of priesthood.
In AD 70, when Jerusalem was burnt, the abolition was complete.
In the New Testament, every believers is now a priest unto God.

The priests in the Old Testament had no inheritance, God was their inheritance.
God Himself took care of them.
Similarly, we need not worry about our lives and our needs as God takes care of our needs.

Who are we? Servants of the Most High God.

Hebrews 12:14
Without holiness, no one will see the LORD.
As priests, we are required to live a holy life unto the LORD.
Why? Because the greatest privilege of a priest is the presence of God.
Priests have the privilege to commune with God and enjoy His glory.
Then, priests bring God to people and bring people to God.
Priests are the mediators.

Christianity is not a dead religion. It is not ceremony.
It is about relationship with God.

How do we witness about God? We ourselves must see and hear God.
Therefore, we need to live a holy life.
What is holiness? To be set apart in your heart and your life.
We have different attitude toward life, different way of thinking.

Heb 12:15-16
To be holy, we need to be careful of bitterness and Esau.

Let’s talk the problem of Esau.
For one morsel of food, he sold his birthright.

Esau was the eldest son. He would one day become the head of the family.
He was supposed to be the priest for the family.
Yet, He sold it for red stew soup

Gen 25:32, 34
Esau despised his birthright. He only thought about the immediate gratification.
He was short-sighted, could not see his future.
He considered his privilege of priesthood worthless.

Many times we don’t think about the eternal.
Many times we only see the present situation.
The Bible calls it ‘profane’ = godless = there is no God in his consideration.

Esau did not care about the presence of God.
He was not willing to give up the mindset of this world.
1 John 2:16
What is the mindset of the world? The world is based on immediate gratification.
Does this satisfy the flesh? Does it feed the ego? Is it pleasant to the eyes?
The world answers yes to all these questions.

As Christians, we are in the world but not of the world.
When we make a decision, we need to consider what God thinks about this situation.
Do we acknowledge God in all our ways?
God is the boss so we should ask God first.
We are accountable to God.

1 John 2:17
Lust of the flesh and eyes are temporary.
We, as priests, must think about eternity. 

Esau’s father, Isaac, was instructed by God to be separate from other pagan nations.
Genesis 26:34-35
Esau married 2 foreigners, something he was not supposed to do.
Genesis 28:6-7
Jacob was cunning man. Nevertheless, he was hungry for the presence of God.
He obeyed Isaac’s commandment to marry not with Canaanite woman.

Genesis 28:18-19, 32:26-28
Jacob built an altar of worship. He even wrestled with God.
He did not let God go until He blessed him.

God does not expect us to be perfect.
Nevertheless, God expects us to be separate from the world.
Let us be God-savvy.

Only God is holy. When we pursue holiness, we must pursue God.
His holiness becomes our holiness.

Let us not become like Esau.
Let’s put God into consideration.

Do not sell God’s presence for a fleeting moment of pleasure.

Romans 12:1-2
Do not be conformed to this world.
Stockholme’s syndrome = the victim identifies with the aggressor.
We live in this world. Day in and day out we are abused by this system of the world.
We should be careful not to share the same values as the world.

The problem of Esau is an ancient problem.
In the garden of Eden, the temptation occurred to Adam and Eve
Genesis 3:6
Why did they eat the forbidden fruit? Because they only looked at the natural.
Genesis 2:7
Dust of the ground = material part. Breath of life = immaterial part.
We are alive because of the presence of the living God inside of us.

In Lord Jesus’ time, He was tempted too the same 3 things: flesh, eyes, pride.
His reply = we live by the word of God.

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