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Special Me Hi Tea City Connexion 5, June, 2016

Time to chill, to build network and connection among the church members.
A big event. About 60 people were there.
We had it at Post Bar Fullerton Hotel


My first time in this place. Centralized with fantastic ambience


It really is a good place to talk. Like it!


Nice snacks too. No worries with the calories. I could burn calories like mad, after all.


Pastor Jeremy was there too. Didn’t manage to take photo with him, though.

Well, gonna hold another Connexion event on my own soon.
Stay tuned.

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Pastor Kong Hee’s Sermon 4, June, 2016 Apply the Faith to Activate the Word

All we need can be found in the word of God.
If we have the word, we have God.

Gal 3:5
When God works miracles among us, He works it based on the hearing of faith.
Gal 3:6-8
The Gospel was preached to Abraham. The blessing of God came to the nations through Abraham.
Gal 3:9, 13-14
The blessing came through faith.

To activate the name of Jesus, we need to apply faith.
Muttering it alone will not work.

Faith is more than just a feeling. Faith is spiritual thing.
What can faith not do? There is nothing impossible the moment we have faith.

What is blessing? We are empowered to be successful.
Blessing is the anointing through which favor flows.
Favor = preferential treatment.

Blessing is the covenant of God which overrides any curses.

Proverb 10:22
When God blesses, there is no sorrow/painful toil for it.
We can be successful without sacrificing consecration, health or family.

Genesis 2:7, 3; 1:27
Created = came from nothing.
Made = To form something from which was already present.
Human was created and made.

Inside us is the human spirit. From the dust of the ground, God formed outer shell of the spirit.
Genesis 1:27-18
Adam was blessed to rule the creatures.
Adam and Eve were to bring the garden of Eden to the entire earth. This was God’s original purpose.
Everything here on earth was meant to be the duplicate of the things in heaven.
Even the Tabernacle of Moses was the duplicate of the Tabernacle in heaven.
Man was the image of God here on earth.

When Adam sinned, his spirit man died. His physical body started to die too.

God wants to take us back to the Garden of Eden mindset.
Our spirit inside is alive in Lord Jesus.

God likes it when we ask for the impossible. Without the impossible, we do not need faith.
Faith feeds on the impossible.
The enemy’s job is to keep us stuck so our faith won’t grow.

John 14:12
What Jesus did we can do too.
When people were maimed, Lord Jesus healed them.

For us to come into God’s best, we must go by revelation.

2 Cor 3:18
We look at the mirror to ensure our appearance is in place.
The mirror reminds us who we are like.
The word of God is a powerful mirror. It shows who Jesus is and who we are like.
If we cannot recognize ourselves in this spiritual mirror, we will be in trouble.
Our original state is made in the image of God.
We are created to be like Lord Jesus.

Eph 1:3
Has blessed us.
All we need has been provided for us: healing for physical body, money for the house, restoration in marriage.
It is provided in Christ. Where is Christ? In us.
We have prospering career, healing and deliverance, marriage on the inside.
Inside of us is the wisdom and discernment.

We take the promise by faith.
When we see the Bible, what do we see? We see our healthy, prosperous, spiritual ourselves.
Faith is releasing what God has given to us.
Prayer is no longer begging God to do something He has not done.
Prayer is believing and agreeing what He has finished working on the cross.

Fasting is no longer hunger strike to manipulate God.
Fasting is spiritual discipline so we can believe God.
1 Pet 2:24
We were healed. It is not ‘we will be healed’.
We were already healed. Prayer is no longer, “God, heal me.” It is now, “God, I believe.”
Ephesians 1:3-4
’Before the foundation of the world’ God had already chosen us.
When were we blessed? Before the foundation of the world.

What is Scripture we stand on to build our faith to release what God has already prepared for us?

2 Peter 1:2-3
’Has given to us all things’
It is all already given to us. We do not need to run around to collect anointing from various preachers.

According to Watchman Nee, the moment of our conversion, within the singularity of time, God gave us blessings.
We spend the next 70-80 years of life to unpack the gift one by one.

Rm 5:5 
God has poured inside us His love.

Our whole life is about releasing what He has given.
We learn to unpack the packed gifts.

Why do we look at the mirror all the time? Because we often forget what we look like.

James 1:23-25
We must continually focus on the word of God.
Even we can remember the image of what we look like in the word of God when we close our eyes.

There is reason we forget God’s word. We only hear it in conscious level.
The word of God must go deeper to subconscious level so we can visualize, meditate it without any extra effort.
Just like we can subconsciously drive, we need to subconsciously remember the word.

Philemon 1:6
Every good things we need in life is already in us.
Sharing = distribution = transfer = release.
Acknowledgement = Admit as real, true and existence.
Even if we don’t feel or see it, we admit as true and real the existence of our miracles.
We call upon things which do not exist as if they did.
Acknowledgement = We admit it exists now, not that ‘it will exist’.

When we activate faith, we admit the blessing exists now.

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