City Connexion Special Me Series (Part 1) 21 May 2016

Possible Reasons Why You Are Still Single:

1. You have been really busy.
What are you busy with? You need to be busy with something meaningful and important.

2. You "overvalue" your independence.
Are you afraid of commitment?

3. You don’t try hard enough.

4. You have high standards that are impossible to meet.

5. You are too afraid to put yourselves out there (out of comfort zone)
You need to enlarge social circle

6. You turned bitter and cynical after failed past relationships.

7. You need to put in more effort to maintain your appearance consistently.
You need to exercise and improve dressing.

8. You treasure your possession more than people.

Myth: there is only one right person as life partner.
Truth: God brings many choices.


1. Keep walking with God.
There are many temptations which pull us away from the Lord.
We must desire God every step of the way.
We must never decide  out of desperation.
With God, we never lose out.

2. Get to know yourself
Are we aware of our own srength and weakness? What have we become? Do we carry emotional baggage?
The more Christlike, we are the more attractive we become.
It is good too to confide to a friend, "Tell me, what else can I do to become better?"

3. Be a friend
State of marriage is dependent on the friendship between husband and wife.
There must be transparency. It may hurt but it is for the betterment of others

4. Don’t rush into relationships


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