Bishop Dale C. Bronner’s Sermon 24, June, 2016 Anger and Money

God is not looking for perfect man, He is looking for faithful man.
Faithful man is always faithful to repent every time he misses the mark.

Faithful is remaining committed even when the emotion dissipates.
Woman was taken out of man. Man is the foundation of the society.

Proverb 23:7
The righteous man who walks in his integrity, blessed are his children.
I am blessed today because of my father’s integrity.

Job 14:13-14
Trials of Job lasted for 9 months. Job lost his wealth, health and children.
He was left with a nagging wife.

Job felt like he was being judged by God.
However, in truth, difficulty rains upon the righteous and the unrighteous alike.
Just because we are blessed and favored, it does not mean we are exempted from problems.

Job lost almost all.
Sometimes, God allows us to lose it all so we can find the real stuff.

How are you? I am fine. What does ‘fine’ mean?
FINE = Frustrated, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotionally Unstable

Many times we follow God and obey Him because we want things to go our way.
However, if things go our way, it means we are walking in the same direction as the devil.
Just like aeroplane, it has to go against the wind in order to fly.
God allows opposition in our lives so we can fly higher.

Job was angry. It is alright to be angry as long as we do not sin.
There is righteous indignation. It is ok o be angry when we see the devil messing up with our family.

Frustration = deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs..
Frustration = frustrare = to deceive.
Frustration happens when we are deceived by the circumstance.
If we believe in frustration, it will be self-fulfilling prophecy.

Imagine we drive and there is insect flying into the car.
Instead of focusing on the road, we start fending off the insect.
What is happening here? The insect distracts us from the road.
We are frustrated by the insect, risking our lives.

Angry man is a non-thinking man.
Frustration stops a man from thinking.
The devil often sends frustration to prevent man from thinking.
We must respond out of thinking, not react out of emotion.

Frustration is simply caused whenever the results you are experiencing do not seem to fit the amount of effort you put in.
The devil send little things to frustrate us. They are the little foxes that spoil the vines.

Women are more near-sighted than men. Men are designed to see the big picture.
Hence, when a friend tells a man a problem, the man can immediately see the problem and the solution.

God never gives a person a challenge he cannot handle with God’s help.
We all experience frustration to some degree. To name a few:

1. Not having sufficient money to do what you think you need to do
2. Having something of value to offer someone who has no appetite for what you have.
3. Not being able to control the reactions/responses of other people that you are connected to.
4. The sense we are running out of time to do what we want/need to do.
5. Having an assignment but not having clarity as to how to get it done.
God often asks us to do something beyond our mean and finance.
We are often frustrated with God’s assignment until we activate God’s factor.
6. Not having sufficient health/energy to do what you have in your heart to do.
7. Not being organized in your thoughts- unable to express yourself.
Man tends to express anger through action as there is hardly words to express anger.
8. Trying your hardest to make things happen yet doors remain closed.
9. Not being able to gain access to the person you love or from whom you desire helps.
10. Not being able to resolve conflict.
11. Operating in a job that you are not designed for.
12. Having circumstance beyond your control.
We are responsible for controlling ourselves.
13. Having to submit to controls that you do not understand or agree with.
14. Watching someone you care about live beneath their potential.
15. Having things happen for which we have no explanation.
Sometimes we suffer from no apparent reason. We may ask God ‘why did You let this happen?’
We may want to know what we do wrong for the suffering.
Yet, Lord Jesus suffered the cross even when He did no wrong.
16. Not really liking where you are but being afraid to leave.
17. Not knowing your purpose.
We need to know the reason we were born. Hell = purposelessness.
Purposeless people create hell for others around them.

Whenever you are frustrated, S-T-O-P

S-it Down         Calm down
T-hink               Only process one thought at a time. Frustration is temporary.
O-bserve          Look at the situation.
P-lan                Wisdom births a strategy. Dream does not come to pass due to lack of plan.

Habit of wealthy people:
– They live well below their means
– They allocate money efficiently
– Parents did not provide outpatient care
– Adult children are economically self-sufficient
– Financially independent is more important than high social standing status

5 residual streams of income:

– Salary or wages
– Investment
– Business
– Real estate
– Royalties

Poor people only have 1 stream of income. Wealthy people have at least 3 streams.

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