Bishop Dale C. Bronner’s Sermon 25, June, 2016 Living the Dream!

Genesis 37:9
Stars, moons and sun. They are the source of light.
God Himself is light. Lord Jesus is the light of the world.
Stars, moon and sun bow low before us.
God makes sure we have enough light so we can take the next step courageously.

We catch, carry and convey the dream we receive from God.
We should not immediately convey the dream. We should marinate it in our spirit first.

Catch. Carry. Convey.
We cannot birth overnight what we catch. It comes over time.

What we catch depends on our capacity.
We can always increase our capacity to solve problem.
If we are level 1 people, we will have difficulty facing level 3 problem.
Once we become level 4, we can easily solve level 3 problem.

Growth mindset = believes you can improve with effort.

Dreams pre-play the future. Memories replay our past.
We need dreams and dreamers.
Money follows vision.
We don’t get what we believe for. We get what we prepare for.
We need just one God-given idea. We also need to be able to tell the idea well.

Dreams are the substance of all great achievement.
We are the solutions to problems. 
God sends a person to solve every problem. He does not look for system or method to solve a problem.
God’s answer = right person at the right time at the right place doing the right thing.

Matt 14:27-29
The stuff that is really meaningful to life is beyond the comfort zone.
Don’t just go out without God’s word.
We need to get God’s word first before we move out of comfort zone.

The faith to step out is worthless without the faithfulness to stick it out.
It is not just starting a matter, it is about finishing the matter.

Hope is the blueprint, faith is the building material.
Don’t let the devil steal the blueprint of hope. Hope is the big picture of the dream God has given.

Dream no small dream for God. Three levels of dreamer:
1. Those who wish for it.
2. Those who wait for it.
3. Those who work for it.

When in the Bible did God ever call anybody to do something that was easy?
Lord Jesus called the dead Lazarus to come forth.
In these days, God still calls us to do something difficult as He wants to script Himself in our lives.

God is the Author and the Finisher.
When God authors something in our lives, God will finish it.
Even when it looks unfinished, we must hold on to our hope.

God told Abraham to look up at the stars and to look down in the grain.
He confirmed the promise in heaven and on earth.

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.
We show what we are waiting for by showing what we are working on.

Dream requires risk. Risk requires faith. Faith requires the word. The word requires undivided attention.
As we dream for God, the clearer your dream, the greater the faith.
We must dream in living vivid color.
Imagine the details of the dream.

If we have never experienced disappointment or hurt or betrayed, we would not have anything to share with others.
Even after we are broken, we must not stop reaching out to our dream.

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