Pastor Phil Pringle’s Sermon 2, July, 2016 Our Father

2 Cor 13:14
Benediction from apostle Paul.
Communion = deep calling unto the deep.
The love of the Heavenly Father.
1 John 1:3
Fellowship with God the Father.
When we have difficult relationship with earthly father, we may project the same image to the Heavenly Father.
We may worship and pray to Him. However, we can always have fellowship with Him.

Rm 1:20
Creation is beautiful and it shows us God the Father.
Imagine if we spend the evening to talk with the Creator of nature.
God is fun and celebratory.

Fathers are different from mothers.
Fathers love dangerously
Kids learn to be tougher as fathers teach kids to navigate through dangerous paths.

God the Father often swings us further without damaging us.
He is just having fun. He pushes us within our capability.

God may take us through pain.
Through pain, we become stronger emotionally.

The center of Christian belief is the approachability of God.
Lord Jesus called God ‘Abba’, Daddy God.’ Such is the closeness we are privileged.

Zephaniah 3:17
Rejoice over you = dance, skip, leap and spin around in joy.
God is close to us. He is not emotionally distant.
He wants to fellowship with us.

Matt 6:26, Matt 12:12, Matt 12:32
To God, we are more valuable than the wealth of the world.
God will do anything to draw us closer to Him.

Psalm 103:7
Moses went through much pain to understand the way of God.
Pain makes us develop our capacity.
When we are under pressure, we understand the act of God.
He cares for us even when we are in difficult times.
We will come out as totally different person after the trial.

Isaiah 49:2
Just like an arrow, there is a day God will pull us back and then launch us forward.
There is a destiny God has prepared for all of us.

Psalm 91:1, Matt 6:18
We need to have a secret place where we can fellowship with the Father.

Isaiah 45:3, Psalm 27:5
Make sure we have the secret place of fellowship with the Father.
We should not misinterpret things in our lives as a sign of displeasure from Him.


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