Keeping A Secret

“When arguing with your neighbor, don’t betray another person’s secret.
Others may accuse you of gossip, and you will never regain your good reputation.”

– Proverb 25:9-10 (NLT) –

Another practical advice.
As much as possible, when someone entrusts a confidential information to us, we should keep it secret.
It is hardly a good idea to reveal a secret, unless it is really compulsory for us to reveal it, for example, if we are called to testify about the secret in the court case.

As we are full of weaknesses, there are times when we cannot keep the secret.
We are very vulnerable of such a mistake especially we are in the midst of heated argument.
In order to win the argument, we accidentally reveal somebody else’s secret.

What is the consequence for such a blunder?
We will lose reputation, according to the verse above.

How do we prevent such mistake? Stay quiet.
In the midst of argument, we may feel anger arising.
However, it is difficult to speak sense when we are angry.
Hence, it is better to hold our tongue so we won’t leak someone else’s secret.
Once the anger is under our control, we can then speak.

What should we do when we have already made the mistake of revealing the secret?
Frankly speaking, such mistake means we have betrayed another person’s trust in us. 
Hence, we should humbly ask forgiveness from the person who has entrusted the secret to us.

Let’s be faithful in maintaining the trust of others by not revealing their secret, shall we?


Posted July 14, 2016 by Jefri Yue Fei 吴岳飞 in Verse of the Day

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