Pastor Kong’s Sermon 9, July, 2016 God Empowers The Consecrated

When God calls, we need to respond.

Hebrew 10:5, 7. Luke 2:40
Lord Jesus surrendered His body as a living sacrifice.
He responded to God’s call.

Matt 4:18-20
Lord Jesus was calling the 2 brothers.
They immediately left their nets and followed Him.

Matt 4:21-22
Lord Jesus called James and John.
Both followed Him.

When Lord Jesus calls, we need to respond.
We need to change our priority and lifestyle.
We can’t respond to Lord Jesus and stay the same.

Acts 9:3, 6
Saul was the most unqualified man as he persecuted Christians.
However, Saul had an encounter with Lord Jesus.
Saul asked question, “Who are you, Lord?” = the desire to know more of God.
”What do You want me to do?” = the desire to live a life of serving God.
Because of this encounter, Saul became the apostle Paul.

While calling is God’s part, consecration is our part.

Titus 2:11-14
With the grace of God, we can live a holy and righteous life.
We will feel the urgency in our heart: Lord Jesus is coming back soon.
We must like our lives count.

The grace of God redeems and purifies us and makes us zealous.
We must want to be holy even as He is holy.
God wants special people of His own.

Zealous for good works.
We become more and more like Jesus.
Zeal = intense passion. Intense heat, eager endeavour, enthusiastic persistence.
Zealous to win the lost and to build the church.

Joshua 3:5
If we consecrate ourselves, God will do wonders.

Examples of consecration pact between God and A. A. Allen.

1. We must be blameless like God Himself.
2. We must measure ourselves to Jesus alone.
3. We must deny our fleshy desires with fasting.
4. Without God, we can do nothing.
5. We must not continue in shallow, pointless discussions.
6. We must give our body wholly to God forever.
7. We must believe all of God’s promises.

God gives power to the consecrated.
A. A. Allen, John Sung, Kathryn Kuhlman.
All consecrated themselves and brought healing miracles to the sick.
All were in constant communion with God.

Examples of consecration pact between God and Pastor Kong.

1. We must always pray.
2. We should fast.
3. We must always give
4. We must live a life of sacrifice. Everything we do for God must cost us something.

God is not looking for golden vessels or silver vessels, He is looking for yielded vessels.
– Kathryn Kuhlman –

2 Cor 6:1
The grace of God must lead us live a pure life.
His goodness leads us to repentance.

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