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When God Stops The Blessing

“Do you like honey? Don’t eat too much, or it will make you sick!”
– Proverb 25:16 (NLT) –

Many times in the Bible, honey represents delight as it is sweet.
However, the verse above teaches that too much delight will make one sick.

Likewise, blessing from God is sweet and desirable.
However, too much blessing will make one sick.
Therefore, there are times when God refrains from blessing us.
Why does He do that? There are at least 5 possible reasons.

1. Because there may be sin in our lives

God cannot bless us when we sin. Deuteronomy 28 lists down curses God allows to happen in our lives if we disobey Him.
Now, imagine this: what would happen if God blessed us when we sin against Him?
That would mean God approved our wrongdoing.
God is love and love has to be tough. When we sin, God will definitely discipline us.
Hence, God stops His blessing that we may introspect ourselves.

2. Because we may be easily tempted by blessing

Blesser vs blessing.
Do we love God more than His blessing? Or, do we love blessing more than God?
God’s blessing must never distract us from God Himself.
God won’t bless us until we are sure we love God more than His blessing.

3. Because we may not have increased our capacity

Imagine if our capacity is 250 ml.
God will only bless us with 250 ml blessing. There is no way He will give us 1 litre blessing.
Why? Because we cannot handle additional 750 ml blessing.
In fact, that additional blessing will just create a mess in our lives.
So, how do we increase our capacity? We have body, soul and spirit capacity. We can increase our
– body capacity by exercising and staying healthy.
– soul capacity by learning new skills.
– spirit capacity by practicing spiritual disciplines (prayer, reading the Bible, etc)

4. Because it may not be the right time to bless us.

God makes everything beautiful in its time (Ecc 3:11).
Waiting is part of God’s spiritual exercise too for His children.
Abraham had to wait for 100 years before he had a son.
Why does God make us wait? Because it helps us to produce the Spirit fruit of patience.
”I wait for the LORD, my soul waits” (Psalm 130:5)

5. Because God may have other reasons

There are times when God does not give certain blessing at all due to certain reason.
It happened to apostle Paul.
He had visions after visions. In order to prevent him from pride, he was given thorn in the flesh.
He prayed 3 times. Yet, God did not take away the thorn at all.
Likewise, there may be specific reason for us individually why God never blesses us in a specific way.

Anyway, whether or not God blesses us,
let’s follow Him all the days of our lives, shall we?

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