Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 23, July, 2016

1 Pet 2:9
We are chosen and made holy for God that we may declare His praises.
We do not just wait to return to heaven.
To be servants of God, the prerequisite is holiness.

Heb 12:14
Priests are holy. Without holiness, no one can see God.
The greatest privilege of priest is the presence of God.

Genesis 2:1-3, Exodus 20:8-10
God made the 7th day holy.
The first day until the the 5th day was declared good. The sixth day was declared very good.
The seventh day was made holy. God stopped from all His busyness.
Holiness was first related to a day. It is about time, not about what to do and not to do.
When we set apart certain time to pray or quiet time, that is our holy moment.
It is not about which day is holy day.

Why is holy moment important?
Gen 2:3. 1:22, 1:28
God blessed the animals with power to procreate.
God blessed humans with power to procreate and dominion.
Whenever we have our holy quiet moment, God blesses us with power and authority.
Without God’s blessing, we will labor in vain.
Holiness is power.

When king David was in trouble, he spent holy moment with God.
Ps 27:12-14, 37:7-9
We rest in the LORD and give God time.
When we do quiet time, something happens in the realm of the spirit.

Isaiah 40:29-31
Those who wait = those who do quiet time.
When we come to the holy moment, life + power + authority from God comes.
Spiritual transaction happens.

Success in life is not achieved by human ability.
It is  God’s grace.

Work = Melakhah.
An act which shows man’s mastery over the world by constructive exercise of his intelligence and skill.
We should not forget that God is the One who gives life and sustains us.
Without God, we would have been RIP a long time ago.

Ex 16:3-5, 19-20, 23-30
The people first did not believe. They kept until morning. It turned bad.
On the sixth day, they kept until morning. It did not turn bad.
On the seventh day, there was no bread. Yet, some people still tried to find bread.
Lesson here: the power is in the Provider of the bread, not in the bread.
If we follow bread, we may not find bread.

There are spectacular times during quiet time.
But, at other times, quiet time goes per normal.
Nevertheless, we should still appreciate quiet time.

The second time the concept of holiness was mentioned was Exo 3.
Moses lived for 40 years in Egypt. One day he killed an Egyptian.
He ran away for his life. He lived another 40 years as a shepherd.
Ex 3:2-5
On the 80th year of his life, he encountered God.
He was busy at work. Yet, he turned aside to see a burning bush.
It was a holy ground as God manifested His presence.

Where God is, there is holiness. Holiness has to do with place.
When the presence of God manifests in our heart, we become holy vessel.
When the presence of God manifests in our home, it becomes holy ground.

We give God place.

To surrender sandal means we surrender our man-made stuffs.
Pro 3:5-6
We give place to God in our eyes, ears, mouth, feet and hands.
We learn to surrender our family, business and ministry to the LORD.
When God shows up, there is conferment of power and authority.

Ex 32:4, 33:2-3, 15-16
Israel kicked God out of the camp.They did not want God.
However, Moses would rather have God than the promised land.

The reason of our success is God alone.
We need to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.
We are royal priesthood unto the LORD.


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