Pastor Aries’ Sermon 30, July, 2016: Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence In God

Heb 10:32-35
Do no throw away confidence in God.
The Hebrews Church endured much affliction for the Gospel.
But more importantly, the church must not lose the confidence.
Since the devil cannot attack our calling, he attacks our confidence to keep us from functioning in the calling.

God has a great calling for us. He is not done with us.
When problem comes, what do we do? We must not lose confidence in God.

When we go through many corrections, setbacks, our confidence in God may dwindle.
Confidence can be deal breaker between success and failure.
All parents want to their children to be winners in a competition. How can parents encourage their children?
Parents should praise their children for doing the right things.

By focusing on the right, God instils confidence in us.
God does not always tell us where we are wrong.

1. Correction without encouragement will cause you to lose confidence.

David encouraged himself in the LORD in the midst of the problem.
When we are in the problems, we pray for perspective. We must refuse to magnify the devil.
Perspective has everything to do with whether we are encouraged or discouraged.

1 Sam 30:6
How did he encourage himself in the LORD? Most likely he sang worship songs.
Ps 34:1-4
David confessed God would deliver him from all fears.
Many times in the midst of trouble, we want God to give direct guidance so we can be rest assured everything would be alright.
However, God may not speak directly.
Sometimes God speaks through His nature rather than through direct communication.

David encouraged himself in the LORD. He then received confidence.
He did no receive the assurance of victory first.

Encouragement today will give you confidence for tomorrow.

While we build our church and lives, there will be criticism after criticism.
Nevertheless, we must encourage ourselves in the LORD.
We must not let others discourage us as they may not understand our vision.

We need to encourage others too.

2. Confidence will cause you to respond, not react to the circumstance.

1 Sam 30:7-8
Ephod = priestly garment. David did not immediately wear armor.
Ephod represents spiritual response. Armor represent reaction.
Response focuses on restoration and leads to recovery.
Reaction focuses in retribution and leads to ruins.

How do we respond? We inquire of the LORD.

A reaction is always knee-jerk and emotional.
A response to God is always bended-knees and spirituall.

Act 4:31
Boldness = confidence.
We need confidence to do the work of God.

Heb 10:30-31
The Hebrew church was too focused on how God avenges on their behalf.
Some people can only move one when they see their enemy receive the retribution.
However, our confidence is not dependent on the outcome of the retribution.
Our confidence must be based on the word of God.

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