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Book Review XXXV: Love: The Way to Victory

Love the way to victory

A book recommended by a friend.
Marvelous book! Teaches me different aspects of love!
Shall we start the summary?

Love is greater than faith, hope or any other spiritual gifts.
In heaven, spiritual gifts will cease.
In fact, the world knows we are His disciples because of our love, not our faith or hope.

Since God is love, love then abides eternally. 
God has shed His love in our hearts.
Since He has imparted His divine nature in our hearts, we are then able to produce the Spirit fruit of love.

A few characteristics of God’s love.
· It  takes no account of suffered wrong
· It is a peace maker.
· It works no ill toward neighbor and in marriage (which includes spouse having healthy sexual relation).

What is the mark of our salvation? We love fellow Christians.
Mature Christians let God’s love, instead of sinful desire, dominate them.
We as New Testament saints no longer live under the Ten Commandments.
Instead, we live under the law of love as love is the fulfilment of the 10 Commandments. 
The Holy Spirit has written the law of love on our hearts. If we walk in love, we will fulfil all 10 commandments.
What is the law of love? We are to love God and neighbors.

It is good to have faith and all the confession. However, faith can only work because of God-kind of love.
God-kind of love always asks the question, "How is my action or word going to affect others?"

In fact, we owe love to the people around us.

Love and forgiveness go hand in hand.
We need to forgive any person who has wronged us.
Forgiving others is a part of sanctification as our sinful nature tends to refuse to forgive others.
How does God forgive? When He forgives, He forgets. Therefore, we ought to forget the wrongs others have done to us.
God is able to forgive and forget because He is love. Since He has shed abroad His love in us, we are able to forgive and forget wrongs too.
Since forgiving means forgetting, forgiveness does not hold grudges, be it big or small grudges.
Unforgiveness is a hindrance to prayer. In fact, many times unforgiveness prevents people from receiving healing.

Not only do we have to forgive others, but also we have to forgive ourselves.
If we do not forgive ourselves, our heart will condemn us and we will not be able to come boldly to God.
If God forgives and forgets our sin, why can’t we forgive ourselves too?
Apostle Paul was initially known as Saul.
He persecuted the Christians.
After his conversion, he had to learn to forgive himself and forget his past sin.

Benefits of walking in love includes divine health.
In  the Old Testament, God promised divine health for those who keep His commandment. We, the New Testament saints, should be able to enjoy divine health all the more as we keep the commandment to love.
It does not mean all sicknesses are caused by unforgiveness. Also, it does not mean we should not see doctor at all when we are sick.

Love does not speak evil of others.
In fact, it is not a good idea to criticize God’s servants though they may have done wrong as we do not know what pressure they are in.
In fact, many times the sinning Christian will just come to his/her senses and return to the Lord on his/her own. 
Hence, there may not be a need to spread the news as love covers the multitude of sins.
We can make all the faith confession on healing. However, healing will not come if we do not walk in love.

Divine love can be stern at times, in the same way parents reprimanding their  children.

What do we do when we do not feel any love toward others?
We should still express the love in words and action toward them.

Not walking in love means opening the door for the devil.
We will then fall sick, not because God causes sickness, but because  the devil has access to wreak havoc our lives.
On the other hand, the moment we walk in love, we can easily cast out the devil.

We need to judge ourselves whether we walk in love in order to enjoy divine healing. 
The moment we don’t walk in love, we have to quickly repent.
Speaking of divine health, we need to approach the Holy Communion with respect too.

Not only do we love those who are close to us, but also those who curse us.
How do love the enemies? Pass them a gift, pray for them.
Praying for those who have hurt us will release the grudge and the unforgiveness in us, setting us free.
In addition, there is blessing for us when we pray for the enemies.
In the end, no one is perfect. Hence, we need to extend mercy to others too.

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