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Unreliable vs Reliable

“Putting confidence in an unreliable person in times of trouble is like chewing with a broken tooth or walking on a lame foot.”
– Proverb 25:19 (NLT) –

Obviously, in all we do, we must always put confidence in God.
While humans may disappoint us, God will never disappoint us.
After all, God is bigger than any problem we face.

Nevertheless, let’s try to interpret this verse from another angle.

While putting confidence in an unreliable person is a bad idea,
wouldn’t it be a good idea to put confidence in a reliable person?
Confidence means trust.
It means being trustworthy, especially in a teamwork.

Remember the school days when you had to complete a project in a group setting?
Assuming you are hardworking person.
Would you choose teammates who are known to be reliable?
Or, would you choose teammates who are downright lazy and unreliable?

If you are boss, you would very likely fire an unreliable staff, wouldn’t you?
Clearly, unreliable staff is disruptive to the company.

Another simple example.
You are busy with work and cannot get out to buy lunch during lunch break.
Meanwhile, your colleagues are out for lunch.
You then ask help from a colleague to buy you lunch.
A reliable colleague will pass you the lunch while unreliable colleague will just forget about your lunch.
Which one would you ask help from next time?

We can also ask ourselves: are we reliable especially when a friend needs help?
Are we punctual and hardworking? Do we keep promise?
Are we worthy of their trust?

Nevertheless, it is wise as well to decline right from the start if we really cannot help the friend in need.
After all, we are limited. When we cannot help a friend, we can point him/her to God.

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