Pastor Kong’s Sermon 13, August, 2016

God is good.
We love Him because He is so good to us.
We love Him even more because He meets our needs.
We can’t separate His promise from His power.

We are redeemed into the kingdom of power.
1 Cor 4:20
The kingdom of God is about His power.
John 1:12
We can’t even become children of God if not because of His power.
Matt 10:7-8
A Gospel presented without power is empty Gospel.
1 Cor 2:4-5
Our faith is not in strategy or cleverness of man, but in the power of God.

Power = abiility to get things done.
We can increase the power level in our life.

Exe 47:3-5
River = anointing of the Holy Spirit.
We can grow from one anointing to another anointing.

Every power encounter starts with desperation.
There must be craving and urgency, extreme desire as if we are violent power to get the kingdom of God,
It takes desperation for empowerment.

Mark 9:17-18, 19-20
The epileptic boy had a demon with him. It was a powerful demon that the disciples could not cast out.
The disciples lost faith.
Greater demon requires greater power to deal with.
Prayer and fasting is the key for greater power.

Prayer and fasting focuses our desperation to God.
Desperation is foundation of encountering God’s power.

It is great to pray. However, the moment we mix it with fasting, there is acceleration.
Luke 4:14
After fasting, Lord Jesus returned in power.

The Bible reason for fasting is for power.
Another thing when we pray and fast, we step into the realm of revelation.
Apostle Paul fasted a lot and he received much revelation.
Eph 1:17
The more rhema we receive, the more we have faith, the more power we receive.

Common sense fasting.
1. Don’t fast for long season if biologically or medically you can’t fast.
2. Gradually build up your stamina.
3. Drink lots of water & don’t overstrain physically.

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