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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 20, August, 2016 Power

Matt 10:7-8
The kingdom of God is about power.
When doctors cannot do it, Lord Jesus can do it.
Our advancement in God has to be founded in the power of God.

1 Cor 2:4-5
Our faith is not in the cleverness of men. It is in the power of God.
Power = ability to get things done.

Every power encounter starts with desperation.
Power encountered is fuelled by vision.
Vision = Unfolding of God’s divine plan and purpose.

Hab 2:2-3
When God shows us the plan, He will give the power to complete it.

Luke 9:1
Lord Jesus gave them power to fulfil their divine assignment.
All demons cannot stop the assignment from God.
We are unstoppable, indomitable.
Though the vision tarries, the vision will come to pass.

We must choose to obey the vision by faith.
Proverb 29:18
When it is God who calls, no devil can send us back.
He gives us the power to do the job.

In everything we do, we must week the vision of God.
It is wise to ask God, “God, is this the business from you?” “God, is this person the right one from you?”

Rm 8:29-30
As the destiny child, God provides us everything we need so we won’t live a destitute life.

The Holy Spirit is the custodian of God’s vision.
Acts 2:17, Joel 2:7-11
With the Holy Spirit in us, we have tremendous energy, we stay united and we will not succumb to dangers.
Vision has a voice.
It takes vision to experience greatness.
There is a group of visionary people. That visionary camp will become great.
God wants to raise up church filled with the visionary.

Every divine vision tarries as the kingdom of darkness will fight against it.
Nevertheless, the guarantee is sure. The vision will come to pass.

Why must we persevere with a vision?

1 Kings 8:23-24
What He has spoken with His mouth, He will fulfill it with His hand.

With the vision:

1. God goes before us.
Ex 23:20, Isaiah 45:2-3
He clears the path from the opposition standing in the way.

2. God goes with us
With God by our side, we are indomitable.

3. God works with us
Mark 16:20

4. God works in and through us
Phil 2:13

5. God works for us
Rm 8:28, 1 Thes 5:24

Nothing will stop God’s divine purpose.
God expect us to expect a power encounter.

A vision will receive many challenges.
Nevertheless, even in intense spiritual warfare, there is the grace of God in it.

Vision of CHC. What Pastor Kong saw:

To build a church with strong spiritual atmosphere of faith and purity.
Faith is still the greatest asset in CHC. Hence, we need to feed on the word of God.
The word of God intoxicates. The more we study it, the more we live it out.
We need to live a consecrated life to God.

Army of trained workers throughout Asia.
There will be strong churches in Asia and beyond which impact the society.

Vision is the platform for power encounter.

CHC 2.0
Focuses on our core values, serving the purpose of God with effectiveness and sustainability.

A vision is not a destination. It is an adventure.

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