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Missio Dei 21, August, 2016

*** credit of the photo goes to my friend in Missio Dei ***

Missio Dei 21, August, 2016

Fantastic prayer meeting with Missio Dei members!
As usual, we had the chance to enjoy strong presence of God!
Then, we heard praise from mission trip who had ministered in Indonesia.
It is heartening to hear how the youth accepted Lord Jesus.
The LORD cleared the weather for the team to continue their evangelism outreach too.

Can’t wait to attend the next prayer meeting with Missio Dei again ~~~

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The Bringer of Good News

“Good news from far away is like cold water to the thirsty”
– Proverb 25:25 (NLT) –

There is an emotional thirst.
Some people who are in distress.
They can’t seem to help themselves.
In fact, they feel so isolated from others that others seem so far away.

What is our job as their friends?
We need to tell them the good news.
Some forms of good news we can give include:

  1. Solution
    What is the solution to thirst? Water.
    Similarly, if we know the solution to their issue, as much as possible, we need to help them from their distress.
    As it is said many times: we find a need and meet it, we find a hurt and heal it.
    In addition, it is not good to delay in helping them. (Proverb 3:27)
    After all, we ourselves do not like it if others delay in helping us.
    Nevertheless, if we really cannot help them, then we should politely say no to them.
  2. Encouragement
    There are times when we do not know the solution to their difficulty.
    Or, they themselves already know the solution.
    However, all they need is a listening ear.
    We can show them sympathy and encouragement, to tell them there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  3. The Gospel
    Lastly, some people are doing well emotionally. However, they have not accepted Lord Jesus in their heart.
    They thirst spiritually.
    Our calling as a Christian is to share with them the good news of the Gospel which quenches their spiritual thirst.

Let’s be the carrier of good news wherever we are, shall we?

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Quarrelsome Wife

“It’s better to live alone in the corner of an attic than with a quarrelsome wife in a lovely home.”
-Proverb 25:24 (NLT) –

Quarrelsome wife.
In other words, a nagging wife (Holman Christian Standard Bible).
How does a wife become nagging?
Probably Dr. A. R. Bernard explained it best.

When God created Eve, He designed Eve to help Adam.
In the heart of every wife is the desire to help her husband which is manifested in the form of giving advice.
On the other hand, God has designed husband to be the head of his wife.
He is the leader in the household.

Here is where the tension may arise.
While a wife perceives giving advice as a mean to help, a husband may misunderstand it as interference to his leadership at home.

How do we solve this issue? Following is Dr. A. R. Bernard’s recommendation.
A husband should be more understanding that when his wife gives advice, she is really acting out of God’s design.
The wife, on the other hand, should give advice on important matters, not on every single matter.

Truly with God’s grace, it is possible to solve quarrel at home.

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Happy Soundtracks

Several soundtracks which especially lift up my mood.
Hopefully you like them too.





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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 13, August, 2016

God is good.
We love Him because He is so good to us.
We love Him even more because He meets our needs.
We can’t separate His promise from His power.

We are redeemed into the kingdom of power.
1 Cor 4:20
The kingdom of God is about His power.
John 1:12
We can’t even become children of God if not because of His power.
Matt 10:7-8
A Gospel presented without power is empty Gospel.
1 Cor 2:4-5
Our faith is not in strategy or cleverness of man, but in the power of God.

Power = abiility to get things done.
We can increase the power level in our life.

Exe 47:3-5
River = anointing of the Holy Spirit.
We can grow from one anointing to another anointing.

Every power encounter starts with desperation.
There must be craving and urgency, extreme desire as if we are violent power to get the kingdom of God,
It takes desperation for empowerment.

Mark 9:17-18, 19-20
The epileptic boy had a demon with him. It was a powerful demon that the disciples could not cast out.
The disciples lost faith.
Greater demon requires greater power to deal with.
Prayer and fasting is the key for greater power.

Prayer and fasting focuses our desperation to God.
Desperation is foundation of encountering God’s power.

It is great to pray. However, the moment we mix it with fasting, there is acceleration.
Luke 4:14
After fasting, Lord Jesus returned in power.

The Bible reason for fasting is for power.
Another thing when we pray and fast, we step into the realm of revelation.
Apostle Paul fasted a lot and he received much revelation.
Eph 1:17
The more rhema we receive, the more we have faith, the more power we receive.

Common sense fasting.
1. Don’t fast for long season if biologically or medically you can’t fast.
2. Gradually build up your stamina.
3. Drink lots of water & don’t overstrain physically.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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Not Giving In To Temptation

“If the godly give in to the wicked, it’s like polluting a fountain or muddying a spring.”
– Proverb 25:26 (NLT)-

What do the godly give in to? Usually they give in to temptation.

Who is this wicked? It can refer to

  1. An evil person
    The verse above compares the godly person (the fountain) and the evil person (the pollution).
    For example, Potiphar’s wife tempted Joseph.
    These days the corrupt may bribe the godly too.
  2. The devil
    The devil may directly tempt the godly.
    If he did it to Lord Jesus in the wilderness, he may tempt every single believer too.
  3. The flesh, the sinful nature in us.
    Many times, it does not take somebody else or even the devil.
    The sinful nature in us tempts us from time to time.

What is the form of temptation?
While there maybe many types of temptation, there is common type of temptation: it comes with the fake reward.
It tempts us to break God’s word with a reward out of disobedience.
The devil tempted Adam  and Eve to eat of the forbidden with the fake reward that they wouldn’t die.
In the end, they did die spiritually and eventually died physically.

How do we handle a temptation to keep the fountain of our heart clean from pollution?

  1. When dealing with an evil person, we can rebuke him/her.
    If it does not work, we can simply walk/run away.
    For example, Joseph ran away from Potiphar’s wife.
    Evil company corrupts good behavior, after all (1 Cor 15:33)
  2. We can use God’s word.Lord Jesus silenced the devil using God’s word.
    We, too, must resist the devil (1 Pet 5:9)
    In addition, we can use God’s word to crucify the flesh.
    As the psalmist said, we keep His word in us that we might not sin against Him. (Ps 119:11)

Let us be strong and not give in to temptation, shall we?

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Dinner Connexion 15, August, 2016

Fantastic dinner with Connexion guild members!!!
Had dinner at Isle Eting at POMO. We talked about the service in a particular airline.
Moral of the story: wait until there is discount before you buy a ticket to a business class.
If there is no discount, it is better to buy business class from another airline.

Then, we had dessert at Daily Scoop!
My first time being there. Hmm, pretty good place for a date in the future.
Then, we talked about how the phone enslaves people instead of helping people.


Our good looking guild members!!
Do look forward to the next news on Connexion~~~

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