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Cyclical Christians

“As a door swings back and forth on its hinges, so the lazy person turns over in bed.”
Proverb 26:14 (NLT)

Putting aside a sliding door, a typical door separating 2 rooms is hinged and able to move in a quarter of circle direction.
In some hotels (e.g. Fullerton hotel), the entrance door moves in a full circle fashion.
The idea is this: the door always revolves around the hinge. The door never breaks free.

In the case of a lazy person, his body is the door and the bed is the hinge.
He rolls in bed over and over instead of getting up to work.
The Scripture is clear:  Those who do not work do not eat (2 Thes 3:10)

Now, let us apply this verse and examine our spirituality.

Does our walk with God seem to be going in a circle just like a revolving door?
Some Christians are hinged on routine. They are cyclical Christians.
They attend church service but they lack passion.
In fact, their Christian life is predictable and periodic.
Week in week out, they may enjoy God’s presence on weekend but they are spiritually dry on weekdays.

This should not be the case.

Our walk with God must be progressive instead of going around in a circle.
Day by day, we are called to become more and more like Lord Jesus.
So, if our walk with God today is the same as last year, for example, then we must really check our heart.

How do we then break free from this hinge of routine?
There are at least 2 things we can do.

1.Pray that God will help us to be on fire for Him.
Never be lazy in showing such devotion. *Be on fire with the Spirit. Serve the Lord (Rm 12:11)
It all starts with desire. Do we ourselves want to break free from routine?
If we do, then we can pray to God to enable us to be passionate for Him.

2.Maintain basic spiritual disciplines.
Prayer. Meditating on God’s word. Fasting. Serving. Giving. Evangelism. Worship. Etc.
We may not feel like doing those disciplines at the beginning.
However, as we discipline ourselves, gradually the feeling of excitement of following the LORD will come.

Let us not be cyclical Christians.
Instead, let us grow into maturity in God.


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David-Linggar Wedding 23, September, 2016


Was helping in a friends’ wedding by collecting flower bouquets and doing other logistics
Was also my first time attending wedding in Fullerton hotel.
Had the chance to talk to a little girl too. Seems fun if I can have a daughter too in the future?

Beautiful couple in a beautiful wedding.
Congratulations, David and Linggar! God blesses your marriage much much!

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Relationship Connexion 25-26, September, 2016

Relationship Connexion

The continuation of our first session of Q&A on the topic relationship!!
We further learned about commitment, communication and sanctification ~~
Abundance of revelation and much fun studying the Bible!
And once again, we ended the session in the power of God!!
Praise the LORD for this revival in Connexion!

Feel like thanking various members of Connexion who made this event a success:

– Daniel: Plenty thanks for leading us in the discussion on the word of God!
– Peter: Thank you so much for handling the logistics and taking nice photos!
– Bryan and Raymond: Loads of thanks for serving during prayer time!

And to all the participants, thanks a lot for joining us!

Do look forward to the next Connexion event, ok?

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Missio Dei 18, September, 2016


Attended BBQ outing with Missio Dei team members last Sunday!!
Ate a lot! I was the food tester~~
In the end, we also took photo with Pastor Bobby and Cindy.
So privileged to have taken photo with them!! ~~~

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CHC Trial 21, September, 2016


CHC Trial 21, September, 2016 (1)CHC Trial 21, September, 2016 (2)

(photos from City News facebook)

CHC Trial 20, September, 2016

CHC Trial 20, September, 2016 (2) CHC Trial 20, September, 2016 (1)

(credit goes to City News facebook)

CHC Trial 19, September, 2016

CHC Trial 19, September, 2016 (1) CHC Trial 19, September, 2016 (2)

(credit of photos goes to City News Facebook)


As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his foolishness.
– Proverb 26:11 (NLT) –

Imagine you have a friend. He has a certain bad habit and many times he suffers the consequence.
You have done your best to correct him.
You keep reminding him the consequence of his action.
Yet, he is so addicted to his bad habit.
What will happen if he continues in this?

He has become a fool who repeats his foolishness.

Let us now examine ourselves.

Do we have a certain sinful habit whose consequence we suffer from many times?
If we do, certainly the Holy Spirit has done His best to correct us.
Many times He nudges us to stop that sinful habit.
And He reminds us all the painful consequence.
But, what if we choose to keep ignoring Him?

In this case, we have become the fool ourselves.

As we examine ourselves, let us recall again His correction to us.
Let us not grieve Him.
Instead, by heeding His correction, we will become wise people.

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Stephen and Meriska Wedding 10, September, 2016


Attended friends’ wedding last Saturday!
It was held at The Chevron.
Reunion time with fellow NTU-ISCF friends too ~~
It looks like everyone gets more and more good looking the older he/she gets.

Congratulations, Stephen and Meriska!
God blesses you two with blissful married life!

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CHC Trial 16, September, 2016

CHC Trial 16, September, 2016 (1) CHC Trial 16, September, 2016 (2)

(Photos taken From City News Facebook)